Saturday, February 27, 2010

Most Handsome Beggar

Believe it or not, he is a real life beggar. He was spotted and dubbed as the most handsome beggar in the street of China. Indeed I've never seen such a cool looking and fashionable beggar. He has that bad ass korean japanese look. People have been wondering how could such a person ended up on the street. This guy definitely has some tragic story behind that look. All he ever wanted is to find a girl to love him when asked by one concerned pedestrian. This guy is dope!

Source from CHINAsmack (one of my favorite blogs).

Monday, February 8, 2010

Lucky or Unlucky?

Last month there was an event for promoting the skincare and weight lost products which the brand name is called Nano Philosophy. The celebrity who endorsed the brand is non other than Jack Lim who is a popular MyFM deejay. Initially I do not know who is this celebrity but friends around me who have more awareness of the Malaysian and Singaporean entertainment scenes than me were pretty excited about him coming to town. In case you do not know who is this dude, you might recall him acting in Ah Long Pte Ltd and Love Matters.

In the Love Matters, he acted as a playboy while in Ah Long Pte Ltd, he acted as an ah beng, one popular scene is the foot 'durian' match in the movie. If you still don't know, then I recommend that you go watch these movies as they are very entertaining.

When he was on stage, I could feel some kind of presence from him, like 'wow, he's a celebrity' kind of thing because we don't often get celebrities coming down. He's a smooth talker and humorous as expected of a good radio deejay. Besides that, another thing that came into my mind was this...I thought, 'Wow, he's quite plump in person!'. LOL I must say I felt humbled by his presence as I am plump myself (sad face).

Anyway, as I was taking pictures of the event, Jack came to me, grabbed my arm and dragged me unto the stage for a game together with 4 other volunteers. It was a really simple game but in the end I got tied up with one of the volunteers. Both of us had the same answer so we were asked one question as a tiebreaker. The one who gives the closest answer would be the final winner. So we were shown one of the products of Nano Philosophy. It was a 50ml serum skincare. The goal was to guess the price of that product.

Damn it, I was not familiar with female's skincare products and I was up against a girl. So I thought the price must be around the same with a standard perfume so I guessed RM250. But Jack teased that I must have never been to any kind of fashion events in my life (wtf like I'm some kind of stay-home otaku) and usually stuff like that would costs over a thousand ringgit (WTF, surprised face). So next the other finalist answered RM450. I knew I lost. The actual price is RM408 (for that 50ml serum) fulamak.

Luckily each of the contestants got a gift. The winner got the RM408 product and I was given the second prize gift worth RM308 woohoo! But it's girls' stuff and in the end I gave it to mom.

This little bottle of serum (50ml) costs RM308 walao. Using this will help stretch and smoothen out your facial skin. Botox no more~!

Nice. Body size almost the same XD

Two days later, the company I worked with organized an annual dinner and I won something again from the lucky draws haha! But it was girls' stuff again.....

I won this! (>_<) No wonder the MC of the night showed me this weird expression on her face and asking me whether I have a girlfriend.

I thought I won something good by seeing the disappointment on the faces of the MC and other organizers of the event (muahahaha). But when I got home and teared off the wrapping, to my horror I discovered....'WTF IS THIS THING!?!?'. I can't use that and my mom is too old for it liao. wtfwtfwtfwtfwtf It's useless and I should have won something better. Why the hell do I need a breast lift-up bra? Maybe I should give to the ah guas and increase the sizes of their man boobs. If not that bra would definitely help them to be 'straight'. Get what I mean? Check out the bold words of 'Be Straight Once to Wear' on the box. If not then probably it means that you have to be 'straight once in order to wear the bra' therefore not applicable for bi, lesbians or gays (no discrimination intended, just following instructions of the product).

The instructions to wear it are as simple as 1 2 3.

It was a time like that when I wish I have a girlfriend lol. This bra can increase the boobs size from A to D. Ha! Imagine that! *Bad Chai! Bad!*