Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I was checking out some funny stuff on the web and then I found this Youtube link titled Meet Satan (the guy on the thumbnail kinda looked pretty creepy so I guessed that was why for the title).

I clicked the link, load the video and boy, you know ‘Satan’ was actually a really good singer and funny guy! HAHAHA. Just kidding. Anyway, check out this gem I found below (You must watch it):

So how was that? I don’t know if you’ve seen this before or not, but it is popular enough to be known as the new Rick Roll. The song now is widely known as the Trololo song. For me it is one of the most EPIC songs evah. Don’t you think so?

FYI, this song was inspired by the original song, ‘I Am Glad I'm Finally Going Home’. The original song was vocalized and a video of Eduard singing it was made in 1966.

Don’t worry, that is not the real life Satan. This is Eduard Khil aka Mr Trololo or Trololo Man and he is a baritone singer from Russia. In real life, he is actually a very nice and humble person according to netizens.


However, he only started to became famous when people started to take notice of this catchy song uploaded by don’t-know-who to YouTube in 2009. In 2010, Khil reclaimed the spotlight after being in obscurity in many years since retiring in the 1990s. All these helped re-ignited interest in Khil's singing career aside from his vocalised performance. Man, it took 44 years for him to get some worldwide recognition! do.Ob

Aside from this video, I found many other interesting remixes and parody of this song like:

Trololo Trance Remix by Bratan. Dance~ Dance~ I was hyped up by this sick remix.

Der Humpink (The Humping) by Christoph Waltz (This is one of the funniest parodies I’ve ever seen, Christoph Waltz ftw!)

Seems like Trololo Man lip-synched to the song in the video, maybe this is the real deal rofl.


Lyrics of Trololo:

trololo_lyricsvia blameitonthevoices