Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eating Expired Chocolates

About 8 months ago, I received 1 chocolate as a gift and then another 3 chocolates which I asked my friend to help me buy from Labuan. The sad thing is that I got the chocolate gift on the day when I broke my two teeth due to a sport related accident (A 'WTF' day indeed, that is one fxcking sad day I tell you. FML!). Besides that, the other 3 chocolates which I ordered were supposed to be as preparation gifts for someone but due to some issues, it's not gonna happen (WTF again).

I've never got these much chocolates before.

Those four chocolates were kinda precious to me that if it has no expiry date, I wouldn't eat it. It doesn't matter what, in the end I still gotta eat it or give them to somebody else rite? 2 of the chocolates I decided to eat for myself and the other 2 I planned to give to friends. The latter didn't happen because I didn't know who (or forgotten) to give to haha =P

So as time went by, I realized that it's going to be a waste if I don't eat it because they're going to expire anyhow. So I was suppose to eat it when I'm free but I kept on delaying and delaying until I forgot about the expiry date. (Note that I did not put the chocs in the fridge because I was afraid that other people would eat them. I gotta hide it somewhere safe like my 'treasure box' lol). I had no time before this as I was busy with work and social life therefore the delay. Besides that, I also kinda bu she de eat it. I needed a time when I'm alone and ready to eat it.

Finally one day when I was free and had time for myself, I checked the chocolates and to my horror, 2 of the chocolates had already expired like months ago (Expiry dates: The Warner Hudson Liqueur - 09/03/2009 & Toblerone Dark Chocolate - 06/06/2009). The other 2, Jack Daniel and Hamlet chocs had only one or two days left until the expiry dates.

Walao eh! Bo Si Kang Liao. So that day I decided to finish up the Jack Daniel Chocolate first after freezing it in the fridge. That one tasted weird (as in the liqueur inside had frozen when normally liqueur inside the chocolate suppose to be in liquid form I think) but sweet at the same time. I guess that's what you get when you do not put the choc in the fridge in order to preserve it for a long time especially one that is near its expiry date.

Next is the Hamlet chocolate. Now this one is most precious to me but already one day passed its expiry date. When I open the decorative box (after freezing it in the fridge), the chocolates looked terribly deformed. Must be because the chocs were melting before I freeze it up I thought. Besides that, some of the chocolates also had some kind of bubbly spots (or maybe hairy/bushy) on its surfaces. Nevermind that, I was still determined to consume it all.

I'm sorry, this one was suppose to taste good. Unfortunately...

I took one of the several different kinds of the Hamlet chocolates and took one bite. As it melted in my mouth, it felt nothing like other chocolates that I had ever tasted before. Tasty and weird/horrible at the same time. I dunno maybe it's more tasty then weird LOL. It's all about the mind I told myself. The chocolate tasted powdery for most part, some part it's normal where it melts properly on your tongue and then there were these weird bits 'I don't know what is it'. After the first one, I thought, well I can live with it, it's not that bad anyway.

The second day after its expiry date and halfway through, I was beginning to feel weird as in REALLY weird. I realized that chocolates were not supposed to taste like this. Then I thought about expired bread. Do you know what happens to expired bread? Well, mold spores would start breeding and grow on its surfaces. By that time it hit me, HARD.

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! Holy *toot*! What have you been eating Chai!?!?!?!

I did not know that mold spores could grow on chocolates. Now I know...and tasted it.

I quickly puked away that one chocolate in my mouth into the rubbish bin then went to check on the other remaining chocolates. As I looked closer, dang!!! I had been eating LIVE mold spores together with chocolates. The horrible thing was that I had already eaten half of the 10 chocolates. Thinking back, I even ate the one with the biggest mold spread. No wonder it tasted powdery plus together with the bits. Bluek~ Bluek~ BLUEK~~PLUEK!!! GARGH~ WTFFF!!!!

5 gone.

The surface looks like planet Mars. Must be full of 'aliens'.

What's wrong with this?

Oh I see. Nasty~

Lesson 1: Remember to check the expiry date and never eat expired foods.

Lesson 2: Always preserve the chocolates properly in the fridge.

Lesson 3: Open eyes BIG BIG and look closely at whatever you are eating!

Lesson 4: Mold spores can grow on chocolates, not only on breads.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Gaming Humour Goodness

Sometimes you get so frustrated playing game especially when you are losing that your boiling point is over the limit. You just wanna destroy things within the reach of your hands.

No kidding. I've seen this happening at the local cyber cafe when Counter Strike was still the shit.

I've never seen anyone his size that can move so fast. It's so amazing in the beginning that you would be very impressed by him until the end you hear...'SH!T!FXCK!BAM!AWW!BWAHAHAHA!' That dude is playing Dance Dance Revolution for your info.

Don't laugh. This guy is a pro! XD I feel him cos I'm fat too.

And the best is for the last. This is the greatest freak out ever. Jojo first shared it with me in Facebook. It's a sad case but you gotta admit that it's damn hilarious.

Mom deleted his World of Warcraft account. Character LVL200 (!!!). Feel his pain.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm back and online!

Hey all, I’m back after almost 3 months of hiatus!

Phew~ Man, it has been THAT long. THAT was how long I have not blog about anything, how long my computer crashed at the workshop (even the owners considered charging me for the rental fee) and how long that I had been missing the cyber life (youtube-ing, chatting, checking out Gutter, downloading movies and songs, social networking, photoshopping, illustrating and etc.).

Within that period of time, a lot has happened in my life too. However for this entry, it’s going to be about something that is of recent.

Here’s an update about myself. I had resigned from my first full time job. The last day of my notice of resignation was yesterday. Now I am jobless (at least for the moment). Good thing is that I am going to join a new company soon! Looking forward to it!

Right now I am just taking a break and chill. I need some time to heal my mind, my stamina, my back pain and my injured wrist while at the same time planning to do some catching ups with my life. I feel very free and happy right now not having to feel binded by any job. Finally I can get some rest during the weekend haha!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people at Boulevard Hypermarket Department. Regardless to how I had been treated bad or good, I still appreciate you. Because you are the big reason of where and who I am now.

Thanks to the securities namely Sai, Taufik, Chief Anuar, Masnah, Effendy, Azli and others. The UG staffs, Teo, Ah Teng, Miss Teng, Zul Azmi, Wisma, Alice, Lanting ‘Pelanting’, Saskiah, Lina, Christopher and others. The Good Receiving Department staffs, Hayati, Akuk, Musa, Raymond, Sandra, Richmond, Faiz and others. The Trading Department I know only one, Ling. The Cashier Department, Madam Loy, Kharsar, Margaret, Tina, Sam, Akun, Yanti, Jenny and others. The Level 2 people, Tan, Mei Fung, Zul, Lan, Shira, Shirley, the lovely underwear promoter Lily and others. The Level 3 dudes and dudess, Luke ‘Skywalker’, Kung, Faiz aka Stofo, Madam Ganin, Martin, Chris’tina’, Remen and others. The VMD people, Sunny, Wong, Lim, Stella and others. The managers, Mr Joseph, Mr Ko, Mr Tok, Mr Wong and Mr Fong. The Director, Mr Raymond. The MIS department Brian, Alan, Avis, Zaza and the very special funny dude, friend of everyone also, Lim LH! To the HR, Nina, Wati, Nick and Jourdon. The Admin Department, Francis and Bija. The cute receptionist, Helen. The Account and Audit Department, Viviana, Chiew Sia, Grace Yong, Miss Chong, Glennice, Tiong aka Amek and others. Finally to the Level 1 people, Albert, Noorhedah, Beter, Noorhayati, Ruhana, the wonderful cosmetic promoters, Susan, Michelle, Helen, Stefenie and Sharon and others. As for Miss Charlene Ex HR Ex Miss Sarawak, I would like to thank her too for being a good friend at work. She is a surprising, 'don't judge a book by its cover' and interesting person hahaha. For the ‘others’ I’m terribly sorry that I didn’t get your names but at least I still know your faces haha.

A very special thanks to the BFC Department. Tash, Elizabeth, Angela, Mat Halukfie, Clara, Saromi, Rebecca, Jourdon, Felicia, Resina, Felix, Fairuz and especially Vivian Peter!

Vivian Peter is my bestie at work and one of the best leaders that anyone could wish for. Haha Vivian I’m sorry that I always made fun out of you to make myself and other people laugh but I know you like it because most of the time you were laughing at yourself too keke. Other than that I think you enjoyed yourself unleashing your anger towards me through strangling and stepping on my feet LOLOLOL.

I remember well on the very first day of work, my objective is to become the best Management Trainee (MT) that the Marketing department has ever had if not the whole Boulevard Hypermarket. I told this to my Head of Department, Vivian right? I think I did pretty well at work (so far no problem) but actually I am more proud that I brought fun and laughter to the people at the company, especially those who are close with me. I hope I did leave something important and memorable behind in your hearts. In the end, I found it difficult to leave ya’ all behind but I had to do it.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you everyone! I miss you all!

It’s alright though, I still need to go Boulevard for shopping some times =,)

Flash news: A new MT has replaced me starting today. Heard that he is handsome and more fit than me. Dammit he is going to take my place and attract all the girls there gargh. Good also la, at least they won’t miss me for long lol =P.