Monday, September 28, 2009

Gaming Humour Goodness

Sometimes you get so frustrated playing game especially when you are losing that your boiling point is over the limit. You just wanna destroy things within the reach of your hands.

No kidding. I've seen this happening at the local cyber cafe when Counter Strike was still the shit.

I've never seen anyone his size that can move so fast. It's so amazing in the beginning that you would be very impressed by him until the end you hear...'SH!T!FXCK!BAM!AWW!BWAHAHAHA!' That dude is playing Dance Dance Revolution for your info.

Don't laugh. This guy is a pro! XD I feel him cos I'm fat too.

And the best is for the last. This is the greatest freak out ever. Jojo first shared it with me in Facebook. It's a sad case but you gotta admit that it's damn hilarious.

Mom deleted his World of Warcraft account. Character LVL200 (!!!). Feel his pain.

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great videos! thanks for sharing! Nanged u! want to see how old is barbie doll?nang this!