Thursday, January 21, 2010

In Order to Change...

In the process to change myself to become a new someone, firstly I need to....

Go to the gym regularly for weight training. This is Uncle Chee's house which I always go to. This place is not for the weak. There are many hardcore players here.

First week of training. Can see the shape under the light. Work in progress XD

Finish reading all these books, remember the important points and practice them. Crap, I bought so many of them from last year but no time to study and read it.

If I were to speed up my diet plan process, I may have to implement the 'celebrity diet plan'. I can refer this to the extreme dieting methods from Christian Bale and Jared Leto. All you need is a hyper strong will power.

Jared Leto (actor and lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars)

Jared Leto gorged on melted Haagen Dazs ice cream laced with olive oil and soy sauce to bulk up to play John Lennon's killer Mark David Chapman in new movie Chapter 27. The actor ballooned on the diet and stunned castmates with his massive weight gain.

He says, "(I did it) eating everything you think you're not supposed to - pizza, pasta, ice cream, but my little trick was I would take pints of chocolate Haagen Dazs and put them in the microwave and drink them. The sick thing is I would actually pour olive oil and soy sauce into the mixture as well - to get me bloated even more."

Leto embarked on an equally bizarre seven-week diet to lose the weight he piled on. He explains, "I've been fasting ever since. I've been doing this very strange, like, lemon and cayenne pepper and water fast. I didn't eat any food for 10 days straight; I think I lost 20 pounds that first 10 days."

Christian Bale sets the Hollywood record for weight lost for a movie role in The Machinist. His mental's strength and determination are off the charts!

Christian Bale dropped 63 lbs. to play a man whose health deteriorates after not sleeping for a year. "I wouldn't have done that amount of weight loss if I hadn't thought the movie itself was worth seeing," he says. His diet? Coffee, cigarettes and an apple a day.

How?? How?? CNY is just around the corner XD

Monday, January 11, 2010

Birthday Suspect

You are guilty as charged for turning 22!
Happy Birthday!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Trip to Paong, Ulu Baram (Part 6)


Before this, my colleague who was my roommate also had been telling me that he saw a firefly in the room during the night for the last two days. I really wanted to see it since the last time I saw it was a long long time ago when I was still a small kid. Tonight I stayed up later and then I finally saw it. It's beautiful. It shines even more bright when it starts flying around in the dark.

The firefly. See that?

Something really funny happened during the night. When I was about to doze off, suddenly I heard a horrible scream. Reminds me of the 'Witch' in the Left 4 Dead game. Initially I was scared and shocked by it. I woke up look around and asked my colleague whether he heard that scream.

Me: Holy shit! Did you hear that?!

Colleague: What? What's going on?

Me: I thought I heard somebody screamed just now. I think it was a girl's scream.

Colleague: Oh~ It's just me man. It was me. It was my scream.

Me: What?? What happened? That was some scary shit.

Colleague: Oh really? That firefly almost flew into my mouth!

Me: Huh? ...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously dude you screamed like a girl.

Because of that I had a hard time going to sleep because I just couldn't stop laughing when I thought about the scream.


Today's the last day yippee-kye-yay.

Bye Bye office. You are a sad place to be in.

Time for some victory dunk!


They served us fresh wild boar soup on our last day. When I was about to eat it, I discovered something urgh disgusting. I found that the wild boar's hairs still left intact among the fat layers of skin. Holy crap! They were supposed to burn/torch the skin before cooking it but at this kind of place, what could I expect. Out of courtesy, I ate it but leaved the fatty skins aside. Bluek~ It was quite good without the skin and the hair though.

Happy to go home.

My Trip to Paong, Ulu Baram (Part 5)


A helicopter came today!

Me and my colleague were thinking about riding on the helicopter and go home in time to celebrate Christmas lol.


It's the day before Christmas and I realized that we were unable to go back home. Still left many things to do here. Not much mood too do work today so I went out to explore some more areas in the camp.

Another cool looking bug.

The cute cat at the canteen.

Pretty butterfly.

SIB Church.

RC Church.

I witnessed volleyball match between the pondans and the machos. This place is full of pondans.

The Mosque.

The river from the top.

Then I went down further the rivers flows here.

And then there.


Today is just like any other day. Sometimes I lost my sense of time here as everyday is just the same work, work and work. It's Christmas but me and my colleagues were still working at office. Nobody else was at the office besides us. We were determined to do as fast as possible so that we can go back home asap.

What I did was just messaged my friends and wish them a Merry Christmas and playing with my DS at night time. It's just another day...

Oh yeah, during the night while I was watching TV, a lizard fell down from the roof and landed on my head. WTF indeed.


I was totally serious today at the office. Just work and work and work. We have decided to go back before new year! No way we gonna miss that!

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Trip to Paong, Ulu Baram (Part 4)


Work today was quite relaxing a bit. Not as tension as the day before.

The friendly housekeeper gave me these candies. They were from Indonesia. The housekeeper is a really nice lady who always makes me coffee whenever I go to the office for work.

On the other side of the candies there are some random/motivational words. Cool.

Another cool looking bug found.

I don't know what is this but it looks neat.

One of the technologies in the camp.

Night's coming.

Dogs mating out caught in the act. I was so kepo.

At night when we were about to sleep, we heard some noises coming from where we put our stuff including luggages on the floor. My colleague rose from the bed and went to check out one of his bags. It turned out that he left one of his bag unzipped. Most of the tidbits in the bag were destroyed by rats and cockroaches.

Most have to be thrown. There were still a lil' bit of leftovers which the packaging still looked okay but just imagine that those rats and cockroaches had been crawling around the stuff in his bag. Yuck~ no way it's edible. But he said, 'Maybe we can still give these to someone'. Yeah he did gave it away but I had no idea who got it lol.

He was devastated. Disappointed. Shocked. Pissed off. And sad.

I had one of the weirdest dreams in a long time during my sleep. All I could remember was that I dreamed about a headless short-tailed croc and a cat. It's about them taking care and protecting each other from harm. A story about one horribly disabled vicious animal and another cute and gentle kind of animal. Damn it was touching sniff sniff.


Well not much happening today except for a lot of sight seeings during the day. At night, well while I laying on the bed getting ready to sleep with the no electricity after 10pm, I felt something moving around my head at the neck area. It's so familiar that I knew it was that same damn cockroach which has been harassing us for 3 nights! Surprised, I rose up, took my flashlight and aim at it. There it was glaring at me. My colleague handed me a slipper and I tried to whack it but failed. That bugger was fast dammit. After awhile I stopped looking for it and went back to sleep. I hoped that it won't come back anymore bugging but when I was about to go la-la land, I felt it again! This time around my calves! The same thing happened again. I flashed at it and then it's gone. Very fast that bugger. I shall kill it next time. For now, I applied some more insect repellent around by hands and legs.

I miss basketball.

My Trip to Paong, Ulu Baram (Part 3)


Sometimes I just can't stand the foods and drinks here but there's not much I can do because there's nothing else to eat or drink.

We ate this fried noodle (Mi Sedap) everyday since day one until the last day for breakfast. Can you stand it?? See that piece of plastic next to my drink. I found that IN my drink (other than the floating ants on top of it).

There are times when I looked at this helipad I hoped that a helicopter would come and bring me away.

The workplace (Sad place).

Wa! this is what I really hate (Very sad place).

I enjoyed this night as I was watching Benchwarmers. That movie rocks. Damn cock funny lol.


The stresses were piling higher and higher from the job especially for the new industrial training colleague. I understood his pain because I was like him in the beginning too. Sometimes I just can't bear to watch him when dealing with some of the difficulties as it would only reminds me of what I had been through. Terrible, but it's going to be a rewarding experience for him once he is through with it just like what it was for me.

He said something funny and it went like this, 'I would rather walk back home than doing this job!'. In case you don't know, between Miri and Paong, it's 200+km! ROFL. Imagine how long it would take. But yeah, sometimes I did get that kind of feeling also.

In order to release some tension, I went out to explore the surroundings for a bit.

The baby trees.

From another angle.

One type tree species. Still young.

Alright back to work. Gargh.

One thing I like at the canteen was the BM celebrity magazines. Good read.

This 'Manga' has become one of my favorite read. It's nice I tell ya. It's good to get to know what is happening in the Malaysia's celebrity scenes sometimes.

Fun with the DSi. This is how I actually feel according to the camera by that day but I did not actually look that bad.