Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bellevue Annual Dinner 2009

Every year on the 24th of February is the anniversary for Bellevue which Toy's World, Belle's Bookshop, Royal Selangor, Emmanuel and Memories in Miri are all under the company.

Back in year 2008 around January I worked as a part time sales assistant for the company. As I was the only guy other than the storekeeper, the boss and the manager, I had been given an all around tougher work. In case you are wondering why, the company prefers to hire female rather than male for reasons I don't know. So everyday I was surrounded by girls woohoo~ lol. Don't get me wrong though because most of them are older than me. Besides that, they treated me like a little brother. About why I was hired being a guy, well that's because I dressed up like a girl for the interview my cousin is actually one of the bosses.

Just for fun – This is IF I dressed up like a girl. No, I don’t have a twin sister. Did you fall in love with me? I bet some of you did LMAO.

This is how I actually looked like at work.

Anyway, the dinner was held at Eastwood Valley Golf Club. I arrived at the dinner hall the early and saw my cousin and former boss Joseph sitting alone doing something at a table. I went and greeted him. I saw that he was putting in RM10 notes into red packets. Seeing that he was in a bit of rush since the preparation was not ready for the event yet, I offered my help. Then he left me alone at the table with lots of RM10s and red packets. As I included the money into each red packet, I was trying hard to control my temptations lol. If I’m not mistaken, in total there were sixty RM10, ten RM50 and one RM100 to be given to the invited guests. Then he asked me to randomly attach the red packets to the potted plants that were placed in front of the stage. I wonder what his plan was.

Soon most of the guests had arrived and went to choose their seats. I saw familiar and new faces. People who I remember their names are Sylviana, Sylvia, Ann, Rosety, Sarimah, Ee Lian, Gee, Su Ching, Kak Ratnah, Jenny, Kenneth and Ambros. Those who did not make it for the dinner, Sylvia Regina, Linda, Felicia, Xiao Ming, Shelly and uh…who else. I feel sorry for those who I don’t remember their names. I regret that I did not have the time and chance to work together and get to know more of everyone else. I miss those times =’). Though I don’t remember your names but at least I still recognize your faces lol.

While I was working there, Ambros was the man. He’s my closest pal at work. He’s the ‘God of Gambler’ who had more misses than hits and most of the time his breath smells like alcohol hahaha. He gave me special access to the storeroom, hiding in the storeroom eating snacks together, often buy me dinners, told me interesting gossips, slacking while working, and covering my work mistakes (I broke a few stuff at work =P). He’s a dedicated bad boy at work but a loving father to his son at home because he bought him a Gameboy Advance.

Okay now back to the dinner. As the night progressed on, Joseph stood up and announced to the audience that karaoke is open for everyone. Those who sing will be able to randomly pick one red packet from the potted plants. At this point I thought, ‘So that’s his plan huh. Shit, now I gotta sing for money )=.’

So as the first two participants went up to sing Joseph gave me the camera and asked me to go around take pictures. Now I’m the Cameraman. I went and took pictures of the guests at each table and anywhere which I think is good for the album. Of all the pictures in the camera, I was not inside. Even in the group photos, I was left out…..because I was the Cameraman. Yes laugh la, I’m laughing at myself too lol.

Here comes the highlight of the night, as I stopped by one of the tables to take pictures, one of my former seniors, Sarimah said (loudly and teasingly) that the girl sitting beside her wanted to get to know me. Woah~ she’s cute indeed and I’ve been targeting her for the whole night and shy that she was blushing and trying to hide her face behind her friend. Sarimah said her name is Stephanie and she’s still single. I figured that I should tag along so I waved at Stephanie and said ‘Hi, I’m Chai and I’m single too.’ LOLOLOL. Good to see everyone laughed at the table.

After finished taking the pictures, Joseph told me to choose one song and sing. Sure but I needed someone to accompany me. So I asked Ambros to be my singing partner. We chose our song, ‘My Way’ (English oldies) and waited for our turn. At this time, nobody got the RM100 yet and there were a few RM50 left for grabs.

I gotta get my hands on the big money but I noticed that the red packets were getting lesser and lesser. Not only that, initially two people using two microphones turned to become six people (!) sharing two microphones. Some of them even sang more than once. Their lovely faces had now become money faces (Just kidding haha). Only now then I realized that for every time you sing, you can get one red packet. So as many time you sing, you can get as many you want. CITANKAO! I should have known DX

As I waited and waited, my turn to sing wasn’t here yet. I can’t help but wonder what’s wrong because those who requested their songs later than me were being played over and over again. Damn right, they were cutting lines GARGH~! Ambros didn’t feel bothered by it at all. He was just sitting there drinking his beer and getting high…GARGH~! Again.

Here was I, ‘Left Out’ feeling face...somewhere in the gloomy corner. (Picture from another event)

When the karaoke session ended, all the red packets were gone. The deejay did not play my song. In the end, I got nothing. Sad face indeed. But most people were disappointed because nobody knows who got the RM100. Nobody knows what happened to it (Oops).

At last, we shook hands and bid farewell to each other. I’m gonna miss them. It’s been a fun night.

My farewell gift from the staff at Toy’s World. Her name is Rina <3.

One more thing, who is prettier? ROFL!


Motivational Read of The Week:

"Some people see me as having a disability, but you get what you're dealt. I'm thankful to God that I have what I have. I've seen so many people worse off than me." - Kevin Laue, One-handed basketball player.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ATTEMPTED Murder and Suicide of a couple in Senadin

*Update from 23/02/09:
**Sorry for the bad quality pictures.

d-_-b Why do some people like to exaggerate a simple matter and then blow it all up like what? I heard different version of stories about the incident from different people whom received the news and from the same people when I asked again. So I'm kinda embarrassed circulating the news with the incorrect information =P

Most of what I mentioned yesterday were wrong and my prediction was inaccurate as the incident did come out today in the news. Front page lagi! Well I should have known such a serious matter couldn't be covered up. Looking at the picture in the front page already know it's impossible when you see even the reporters and photographers made it into the front page (while taking pictures of the victim being carried away on a stretcher).

Besides that, the (safe to say) former couple is alive. One is in the hospital while the other is being held in jail currently. I heard that the girl was in a critical condition when being brought to the General Hospital because of the huge amount of blood loss from the deep cut in her neck. Fortunately, she is in a stable condition now. Meanwhile the guy is in a crazy mental state from what I heard. He had lost himself from that bloody incident. He only sustained cuts to the neck, chest and arms. One has to wonder if he was under the influence of drugs because the authorities found a few packs of cannabis in the living room of the house during the aftermath.

From the news, the police authority was informed by the public who heard a commotion going on inside the house in the afternoon. Some police personnel rushed to the house and checked out what was going on. However, they couldn't get in because the house was locked from the inside. So they decided get extra help by roping in the personnel from the Fire and Rescue Department. (Well you know they could have use the gun and shoot the lock and kick the door to slam it open but that's only in the movie haha.)

Anyway, the help arrived and they broke the lock and cut the grille of the house. As the authorities rushed inside, they found the guy in the kitchen I think. The guy did not want to surrender and was holding a knife. A scuffle ensued and a policeman was slightly injured at the cheek. At last the guy was able to be subdued and handcuffed away.

You know what's interesting? I don't know that guy personally but I have seen him many times since we studied in the university. I think we played basketball together before (maybe once). He also played football with my another group of friends. From people who know or who had ever associated with him before lets say in group assignments said he's a very defensive person, someone who greatly despise betrayal and (occasional?) drug user. The last time I saw him was during my friend's funeral not long ago (Check it! do_Ob).

This is another side of story as told by my friend which is more believable. Trust me. In the beginning the guy called his mom and said that he doesn't want to live anymore. Upon hearing that, the mom rushed down from Bintulu and informed a relative who stays in Miri to go to the house to check her son. The relative then saw what happened from one of the the house's windows and quickly called the police. The police even brought a psychiatrist from the General Hospital to negotiate with the guy in hope of pursuing him to give up. When it failed, you know what happens next as mentioned above already. The mom cried so bad seeing her son in handcuffs. Imagine how distraught she was.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Murder and Suicide of a couple in Senadin

Ladies and gentlemen, this just came in...

A couple who were students of my local university were found dead with news circulating around that it was a suicidal case. The girlfriend of the guy was killed by himself then at last ended his own life. It all happened at around 11 AM. I don't have any further details other than these. I don't know how they died, what was the reason leading to the (possibly) argument and killing, and I don't know if I've seen them before or not at campus.

All I heard was from my friend who happened to be at my place this afternoon after receiving a call about this. Upon further questioning, latest we know is that the guy is confirmed dead while the girl might still be able to be saved.

I'm not sure if this will come out in the news tomorrow. This is a really big news in my opinion and it's the first time ever such an incident involved students of the university. What if the university tried to cover this up...who knows... Hmm...but I'm sure sooner or later I will be able to dig up more information regarding the incident.

It's a sad thing really.

Like what they say, 'Till Death Do Us Part.'

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lady GaGa Fro'-ed Up

I just discovered who Lady GaGa is recently. I stumbled upon her fan profile’s page at Facebook. I thought that she seemed interesting so I decided to check her out. At first I looked at her photos and wow, her style is unique and different as in you can sense the originality. She has an impressive musical background tracing back to her childhood. Very talented indeed.

Anyway, one of her photos gave me the inspiration to design a cartoon version of her (I did not know why all of the sudden). So I started sketching to get the picture of what kind of character she would look like. Then I spent almost a WHOLE DAY using photoshop to design and complete Lady GaGa Fro style. It was hard but I was quite satisfied in the end. Just that I thought it could have been better but oh well I’m not that skillful yet. However, I am most proud with myself with ‘The Fame’ glasses lol.

The media has been comparing between Lady GaGa and big name Christina Aguilera for having similar fashion styles and then some in terms of singing. Unfortunately, Christina was accused for stealing the original Lady GaGa style. Here’s what she has to say about it:

“You know, that’s funny that you mention that. This person [Lady GaGa] was just brought to my attention not too long ago. I’m not quite sure who this person is, to be honest. I don’t know if it is a man or a woman. I just wasn’t sure. I really don’t spend any time on the Internet, so I guess I live a little under a rock in that respect.” - Bumpshack

In my opinion, Christina always has a great sense of style that she doesn’t really have to copy anyone. Could be they both coincidently have the same sense of style or just that they hired stylists who happen to copy each other or something I don’t know.

Yeah~ we love some catfight actions between two kitty kats, one who is my all time favorite western female singer since ‘Genie in the Bottle’ and another who is rising fast to becoming an A-list star. However, if the two of them can collaborate together to produce some songs then it would be great. Christina Aguilera and Lady GaGa should be BFF! Haha.

One thing I know is different. Both of their music styles are different. I kinda lost interest in Christina’s music quite a long time ago because my taste had changed. With hits such as ‘Just Dance’, ‘Poker Face’, and ‘Love Games’, I immediately fell in love for Lady GaGa’s music.

Check those two out. Both very hot! =P

Friday, February 20, 2009

Show me the funny

I love YouTube-ing. I was bored so Ray2k showed me some YouTube L.O.L stuffs. There are things that you might be wondering about in your life. The videos below will answer some of that questions. Check it out.

Wondering how does a vagina look like? (If you haven't seen one yet.)

Love is blind? …maybe not… (Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.)

How is life as an electric technician?

What is your girl up to home alone while you are away for long term?

Why girls don’t fart?

Check out The College Humor Show for more.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cars from the accident

Just came back from my friend’s funeral yesterday and life resumed back as usual.

I’m back doing usual things like going to the gym, playing basketball, sleep until noon, lepak at the mall, surfing the net, spending time at the cyber café playing games, lim teh (all like what a typical slacker does d-_-b) and paying the traffic ticket…er...I mean accompanying my friend to the police station to pay the penalty for the ticket.

So when we reached the police traffic’s department at its HQ, parked the car, got out from the car and look what we found at the car yard. It’s our friend’s car from the accident. The car is in a terrible condition. I’ll let the pictures to describe:

Impact from hitting the tree.

A closer look.

The driver's seat.

The passengers' seats.

The left back side which collided with another car before crashing into the tree.

The other car involved.

It is a pain in the heart looking at these pictures. After paying the fine, we went on with our life...