Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day 2009

OH~ what a wonderful day. Good for the couples. Shucks for the singles…or maybe you just feel like it’s just another ‘normal’ day. But as a single guy myself, I know deep in the heart, you must feel something is missing even if you try to shrug off that hard feeling like it is nothing.

…you know…that lonesome kind of feeling heheheh…sigh~ sad face =(

Anyway, Valentine’s Day is not just about expressing your love and spending that special time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Other people like family, friends and even strangers…they too need your love. Show them your love with uh…things that represent your gratitude and appreciation lol.

Luckily for me, my friends love me too much to leave me alone today (hahaha). So I’ma go out and have fun.

For this occasion, I have come up with a little something something. The Funky Fro Dude with a heart-shaped open mouth waiting to be French kissed.

For all the broken-hearted people out there….Be strong, you know you deserve better. You may hate valentine day now. But believe in me one day, you’ll learn to open your heart and love again. By then valentine day will become another happy memory. For now, indulge in your lust and flirt as crazy as hell take time to heal.

For the single people out there….Show some love to yourself. Celebrate your freedom. Hang out with your friends, go watch some porn movies or just do simple things like checking out the leng luis and leng zais while you are outside. If you hate, go poke fun at other couples or hold a gathering with the other singles and rant all you want lol.

For all the couples….Hopefully you all can sustain until the next valentine. Nah, just kidding… Choi! Choi! Choi! (Touch wood) Haha. Anyway, congratulations. You are the envy of many people like me. So really do cherish your other half. Enjoy your time together while you still can and have a great one!

For my friends and family….Thanks for being there always. Thanks for always believing in me. Especially in times of need to borrow money and difficulties. Without you, I don’t know what would have become of me today.

For God….Thank you for the miracles and blessings in disguise.


*the image of the cupid which I used for my design is a clipart which I obtained from Bridal Association of America’s website. Other than that, everything is originally created by me.

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