Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Meeting and Separation

I knew too that everything would change.

But if I did not do what I did, I would be stuck.

I would have to live everyday hanging on false hopes.

Pretending like I’m okay and nothing happens.

Maybe it is going to turn out to be a good thing.

Maybe you found that missing pieces in your life.

Then I should be happy that you finally got them.

I wish for the best of all things.

There are some loses but there are also gains.

It is going to be a brand new start for both of us.

I’m gonna miss all those years.

Sorry and thank you…for everything.

Well, it was good while it lasted.

If there is fate, then maybe we will meet again.

It is a small world after all right?

Until then, the door will always be open.

*both images are from 'Turn Left, Turn Right' by Jimmy Liao.

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