Monday, February 9, 2009


I actually created this blog about a couple of years ago. But until now, there is zero post. Why? Well because I had something else better to do during that time like courting and catering to the needs and wants of a girl. No, actually I have no idea on what kind of blog do I really want to make of initially and....I was lazy.

I just happened to experienced some of the worst days of my life. Fortunately I was able to recover fast enough and once everything was done and settled…I’m feeling like a new man. I’m so free now that I want to explore interesting things like writing blog. So now I say, ‘Heck, I’ll just post anything I want and the things that I can think of.'

Hi, you may call me Franch. (I actually do not know how to pronounce it correctly. So you tell me.) That is actually the nickname that I adopted, given by someone. It was originated from the word FRANCHISING as in Franch-ising / Fran-Chi-Sing. Weird I know. Funny, yes lol. For those who know me personally, I’m Chai, that’s my surname. So uh....I guess it is Franch Chai then.

Life is short but the journey itself is a long one. One day I want to look back into my life and see what the things that I have ever accomplished are. There are going to be memorable bitter and sweet moments. Some stupid and proud ones that I would do. Probably some mushy-cheesy-sushi stuffs that would make me and other people go ‘yuck!’, ‘did I do that?!’, ‘so lame’, ‘go die lah!’, ‘omg, I should not even be in existence’, etc….hmm hopefully I could get something like an ‘awwwww~ <3’ as a positive feedback (LOL). Show me some love would ya ;)

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