Thursday, September 29, 2011

I’m Just Being Random 29/9/2011


My friend found this gigantic ant in his living room. Freaking huge! He named it Godzilla lol. This is actually a forest ant which is one of the biggest ants in the world.


250920112327 250920112328


This is the Michelin Man pendrive. My friend’s dad’s. Very nice. I prefer the KAWS version though.



Cute cat beside me purring for my fettucini cabonara at the cafe.




I hate house lizards very much. They always like to roam and shit around in my office. They destroy electrical stuffs especially printers and fax machines.



My third attempt at trying to draw not-so-realistic eyes. Need to practice more by using the right pencils.

Friday, September 23, 2011

I’m Just Being Random 23/9/2011


290720111922     Found this drawing from a few years ago while sorting out my room last month. See the color of the paper is fading.


050720111872 I ate a ham. That particularly ham probably got captured while trapping that mini crab. Captured ham – Crap. Me surprised by the crab after eating the ham – Crap.


250820112241  250820112239

Some toys I bought from my Singapore trip on August. I’m a happy manchild. I want more!



Bought this candy from 100 Yen store. Damn nice!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Change of Name

I don't know from which post but I think I introduced myself as Franch Chai.

*after a few browses through the old posts*

I found the post, I could not even force myself to finish reading the second paragraph. I felt like something inside me is about to burst out. Either I'm about to burst out laughing at old self or burst out in rage against my own past silliness or...probably an Alien Chestburster is going to burst out from my chest (which is highly unlikely lol).

I hereby announced that I am no longer known as Franch. Okay okay, when I think back about it, it's kinda lame. It was effin' retarded. Why in the first place? Well there's a long story behind it. I swear if I have a mesin cahaya masa (Doraemon's Time Machine) in the drawer right now, I'm going to travel back to the time and somehow stop myself...and then do some other things LOL.

Fortunately, it's not official as in getting it registered officially under my national identity. So it's not too late haha. Dang! Besides I never ever introduced myself as Franch in my social life. I guess it would have been a huge turn off or a good material for laughter.

I was baptized around May 2011. A proud moment of my life. I am happy. I can finally tell people that I'm a real Christian. I don't have to fake my religion anymore when I fill up forms like during job applications. It's funny when I think about it hahaha.

I finally got an English name as well. Hi, I'm Chai, Jorge Chai. I am much more memorable now than just Chai K. S. Believe it or not, I found this name while checking out a baby names book in my friend's baby store. Initially I thought the name George sounds pretty good with my surname but seems quite generic and then I saw this name Jorge in the book. I think it looks cool. The spelling is shorter and I prefer the letter 'J' over 'G'.

Jorge is a Portuguese and Spanish given name. The pronunciation is pretty much the same with George if you don't pronounce it in Spanish which is 'Hor-Hei' I think. About the meaning of the name, Jorge, well I have this funny story.

One day, my friends were asking me why I chose the name Jorge. The conversation went something like this:

Friends: Why did you chose that name and not George?

Jorge: Hmm, I think it's more cool looking and sounding. Besides that it has a pretty special meaning to it. I think the meaning has something to do with God, something that is majestic or high and mighty. *nostrils holes enlarging, inhaling more air at this point = proud expression* Too bad I could not really remember. I found it in a book.

Friends: Oh really? Let me check.

*One of them used his iPhone to wiki the name*

Friends: Erm, dude...I think you got it wrong. It says here, 'Jorge (, ) is a Portuguese and Spanish given name, equivalent to English George. It is derived from the Greek (georgos), meaning "farmer" or "earth-worker".'

Jorge: What the?! Shhiiee.... Ok ok, I think I got it wrong already LOL. I don't care, Jorge is a cool farmer! Farmers are cool!

So yeah, that's the story. Yours truly. Jorge signing off.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I did not go Bali, so I stayed back minum BaRli Peng

Wow so dusty! *sweep* *sweep* -dunno sweep what paloi-

Hey hey ho ho! Yeah just want to indicate that it has been don't-know-how-long-has-it-been-since-the-last-time-I-updated-this-blog. What do I find different now? There are a lot of spammers in my chatbox...

Why didn't I blog since last year? Well, I'm lazy, I'm busy, there's no inspiration and I have a lot more important things to focus what? figuring out some ways to escape from the rat race so that I can have more time and energy to ENJOY life. Not to WASTE my life.

So what has been going in my life? Ah, I'll just let pictures do most of the talking. My last post was since September, so I guess I'll start from around there.

September 2010

One of my best friends came back for a brief holiday. I think he's pretty cool. Main reasons (LOL) because he studies in Japan, he's going to work there, he's going to change his name legally to Japanese, he's acting more like a Japanese than a Chinese, he's been through the Red Light District (passes through only according to him ehemm), he's using a Japanese hand-phone and he wanna get a Japanese GF (failed a few times...but he is still trying though hahaha).

January 2011

First time I went to Miri's first Korean restaurant and it has been around for 10 years plus! Bibimbap is one of my favorite Korean foods. Unfortunately, this was way less than what I expected from this restaurant. Disappointing! Pocket burned!

March 2011

Another one of my best friends came back around this time. We embarked on a nostalgic walk/jog around our old school areas. I haven't been to that area for a long long time. It was sweet. We went to the old food and drink shack, we went to the church next to our primary school, we walked along our secret alley (back then this alley was full of dog poos) and etc. We had a lot of laughs. This is the day I will remember for a long time as well (11/3/11) because I met a new very special friend :)

April 2011

My step sis invited me to her dad's birthday party at one of his brothers' house. Foods really nice and then the sweet moment where the birthday uncle and grandma blew and cut the cake together. Lastly, I hung around with the elders. It was pretty awesome. For some reason after some drinking they all became more friendly and funny...acting silly and talking crap lol.

June 2011

I called a couple of bros out to celebrate the Dallas Mavericks' victory. There are the World Champion 2011! I am so proud of them! Des and Ray are not basketball fans but I have no one else to celebrate with so...

July 2011

Okay this is the only thing that has to do with the blog title hahaha. I have a planned trip to Bali since last year. I was suppose to be at Bali now at this very moment but...due to some work commitment I am not able to go. Around this time my lil' brother came back from KL, one night we went out together for a drink. We talked about life, career, I gave some advices and discussing about the future. He is moving on to a new environment in Singapore. I wish him the best!

I did not go Bali, so I minum Barli.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hey wazzup~!!! Friends and blog-walkers, it feels good to be back after a very very long hiatus. I've been so inactive that I was having a lil' bit difficulty signing in to my blog lol.

I was busy with my social and working life and primarily I kinda lost interest in blogging along the way. There are too much to handle online and as you know it, blogging takes up time.

Anyway, one of the things that I spent a lot of time, energy and money (*sniff* *sniff*) to make something meaningful out of my life is starting a business. And that business is designer toys. Not familiar of it? Then go wiki it or something teehee.

I actually planned to keep this secret from most people but *argh* one way or another this is going to come out.

In my opinion, this is not an easy thing to venture into considering the market that we are at (Malaysia, but we can see the potentials). Damn luckily, we have the internet which provides us the way to reach out to the rest of the world. It takes interests, determination, willingness to learn, risk taking and most importantly, I always reminded myself to never give-up. I don't care what turns out in the end, worse comes to worst at least I know tried and that experience alone is priceless. If I succeed, then chances are I'll be in Mary Land or someplace nice.

Before the start, I was doing a lot of thinking, researching and procrastinating. One of the things I knew I lack of is a serious partner of the same interest, same thoughts, understanding and most importantly for me is patience. Thank God one day I found this one person and better still he turned out to be my cousin, Jin. I felt that this is a miracle. I would like to think that God answered my prayer. It is even more amazing that Jin was the very first one who influenced me into getting interested in art and design from a very young age. He is one of the bros I look up to all my life. Everything happens for a reason? There were many signs already I guess.

So then both of us started from scrap. Time and time again we met many challenges and obstacles. We failed and we succeed. Long time since then has gone by but it felt like a blink. We only traveled a short distance but the destination ahead looks promising. So we will keep fighting and going and going...

Yadi yadi yado. We founded Toylogy. Check us out at our Flickr group Malaysia Toy Makers and Facebook page, Toylogy.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fried Noodle with Cockroaches

One early morning, I bought a pack of fried noodle for breakfast. When I opened the newspaper packaging for the fried noodle, to my horror and funny bone I discovered something very offensive to the hygiene of the food. Guess what? SIX freakin' cockroaches just outside the other layer of the plastic packaging of my noodle!!!

See that?
No? Okay, zoom closer.

Very appetizing aye?

Goodness sake! I almost lost my appetite from that shocking discovery. This is how packaging using newspaper can go wrong because of the contents. It could deliver contradicting messages to people who are observant enough, like me.

Anyway, to get rid of the gross image, I flipped the newspaper for the other page and...

TADAA!!! Pictures of HB (Hot Babes)! LOLX
Increased appetite and satisfaction.

They say the grass is always greener on the other side. Right.