Saturday, July 2, 2011

I did not go Bali, so I stayed back minum BaRli Peng

Wow so dusty! *sweep* *sweep* -dunno sweep what paloi-

Hey hey ho ho! Yeah just want to indicate that it has been don't-know-how-long-has-it-been-since-the-last-time-I-updated-this-blog. What do I find different now? There are a lot of spammers in my chatbox...

Why didn't I blog since last year? Well, I'm lazy, I'm busy, there's no inspiration and I have a lot more important things to focus what? figuring out some ways to escape from the rat race so that I can have more time and energy to ENJOY life. Not to WASTE my life.

So what has been going in my life? Ah, I'll just let pictures do most of the talking. My last post was since September, so I guess I'll start from around there.

September 2010

One of my best friends came back for a brief holiday. I think he's pretty cool. Main reasons (LOL) because he studies in Japan, he's going to work there, he's going to change his name legally to Japanese, he's acting more like a Japanese than a Chinese, he's been through the Red Light District (passes through only according to him ehemm), he's using a Japanese hand-phone and he wanna get a Japanese GF (failed a few times...but he is still trying though hahaha).

January 2011

First time I went to Miri's first Korean restaurant and it has been around for 10 years plus! Bibimbap is one of my favorite Korean foods. Unfortunately, this was way less than what I expected from this restaurant. Disappointing! Pocket burned!

March 2011

Another one of my best friends came back around this time. We embarked on a nostalgic walk/jog around our old school areas. I haven't been to that area for a long long time. It was sweet. We went to the old food and drink shack, we went to the church next to our primary school, we walked along our secret alley (back then this alley was full of dog poos) and etc. We had a lot of laughs. This is the day I will remember for a long time as well (11/3/11) because I met a new very special friend :)

April 2011

My step sis invited me to her dad's birthday party at one of his brothers' house. Foods really nice and then the sweet moment where the birthday uncle and grandma blew and cut the cake together. Lastly, I hung around with the elders. It was pretty awesome. For some reason after some drinking they all became more friendly and funny...acting silly and talking crap lol.

June 2011

I called a couple of bros out to celebrate the Dallas Mavericks' victory. There are the World Champion 2011! I am so proud of them! Des and Ray are not basketball fans but I have no one else to celebrate with so...

July 2011

Okay this is the only thing that has to do with the blog title hahaha. I have a planned trip to Bali since last year. I was suppose to be at Bali now at this very moment but...due to some work commitment I am not able to go. Around this time my lil' brother came back from KL, one night we went out together for a drink. We talked about life, career, I gave some advices and discussing about the future. He is moving on to a new environment in Singapore. I wish him the best!

I did not go Bali, so I minum Barli.

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