Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson RIP

The news about Michael Jackson death came as quite a shock to me. I was at work when my executive first told me about it. I could not believe it and I thought it was just some kind of hoax rumors being spread around. It spread like wildfire. My heart kinda sunk at this point.

Once I reached home, I turned on my computer and went online to check out the news. Sadly it turned out real. Michael Jackson, the great one is no longer in this world. This made me realized that I never felt that heartbroken for any celebrities before. I think it is no wonder as I used to idolize Michael Jackson when I was a kid. Not only me, my brothers and some of my cousins too. We grew up listening and singing to his music, and imitating his dance moves especially the moonwalk.

Michael Jackson's impacts is evident throughout the world especially since his passing. Whenever you turn on the TV, you see him, wherever you go, you will hear his music being played these days like from the radio and in the club and whatever you do like drinking cincau si peng or soya bean mix with cincau, it will remind you of 'Black & White'. It feels like, "you'll only realize something is precious to you when it is gone".

People around the world are missing him damn a lot including me. Man, I was looking forward to his concert in London. It was suppose to go that way at least to end his illustrious and legendary music career if not for a great comeback. Unfortunately, he is gone too soon.

You know, a lot of times the media had been unmerciful to him. His personal life had always been a target. Through the media, you always do not know what to believe in. Never mind his personal life. Believe in Michael, believe in what he had accomplished and created for us in this world. The ground-breaking songs, the greatest dance moves, most generous humanitarian acts, the glove, the socks, the armband, the shoes, the jackets and some more. His legacy will forever be remembered.

Michael Jackson the King of Pop, Rest in Peace.

You are gone too soon MJ...

Like A Comet
Blazing 'Cross The Evening Sky
Gone Too Soon

Like A Rainbow
Fading In The Twinkling Of An Eye
Gone Too Soon

Shiny And Sparkly
And Splendidly Bright
Here One Day
Gone One Night

Like The Loss Of Sunlight
On A Cloudy Afternoon
Gone Too Soon

Like A Castle
Built Upon A Sandy Beach
Gone Too Soon

Like A Perfect Flower
That Is Just Beyond Your Reach
Gone Too Soon

Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight
Here One Day
Gone One Night

Like A Sunset
Dying With The Rising Of The Moon
Gone Too Soon

Gone Too Soon


My tribute for MJ

Beat It~ Beat It~


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Umi and Keiko were a couple. Both of them were members of the band called the Dancing Chickens. The band was well known for their backup dancers wearing chicken suits doing the chicken dance other than their singing prowess during live performances. Umi who was the lead singer plays the guitar while Keiko plays the cello and backup singer. Umi likes to wear leather pants while Keiko prefers the gothic and emo style kind of wear.

Outside of their singing career, they like to tool around with the vintage camera and take pictures of each other at home. Sometimes they would also wear pyjamas and do pillow fighting when chilling at home. They love being silly with one another.

Just like any other normal couples, they would also have a date night on the set Friday night each week. Usually after dinner, Umi and Keiko would hang around and enjoy each other company in the same park which they often visit. That park has an important meaning to them as it was the place where they first met while performing live as street solo singing amateurs.

On a particular Friday night, while making out in the park, Keiko said, "I just wish that we could remain like this forever". Keiko then excused herself that she needed to go to the loo as she felt something was wrong with her head. Suddenly, she collapsed to the ground. Keiko was then rushed to the hospital right away with Umi accompanying by her side.

With Keiko laying unconcious on the hospital bed, Umi waited anxiously for the dianogsis result to come out. A few moments later, the doctor who was in charge came into the room with an upset look on his face. Umi received the worst possible news that he never expected. Keiko was dying from a terminal disease that she was suffering for a long time and she had little time left. Umi was devastated and his feeling was mixed with some anger as Keiko kept this as a secret from him. Above all, he felt like the saddest man on Earth.

Keiko remained in a coma state until the day she died. Umi sat in the ward room which Keiko stayed in and wonder. Looking around, he saw all the things including flowers and pictures that he brought for her everytime he visited. All those reminded him of all the precious moments that they spent together. Umi felt lost and downright gloomy. He stared at the unoccupied bed and couldn't believe that she's not there anymore.

Suddenly, Umi felt a strong presence. He believed that it was Keiko's. Excited, he stood up and trailed the presence to one area in the room where he felt was strongest. Then it turned to something sinister. A figure appeared and he's face to face with the Death Reaper! The Death Reaper went "WAHAHAHAHA!!!" and he shouted in horror "AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!". He fainted.

Once awoke, Umi realised that it was just a bad dream. "Sigh~", he thought. By channeling all the feelings and emotions, he dedicated the song "U+K" to his memory of Keiko.


Don't say anything.
You're just a little bit frightened now so...
Don't say anything
You're just a little bit in grief so,

In the last act, offer your prayers.

The magic of the moon is... shalle a le rilla
Because we whisper in sugary voices
If just one more wish comes true
I want to join hands with you and laugh

Inside of the dream...
Inside of the memory, we'll definitely meet again...

If you can regain your smile
If your laughing self returns
Sadness will turn into kindness

"As that far off memory was..." with all your desires

The magic of the moon is... shalle a le rilla
If you can forget your tears
If you can touch your kindness
I want to sleep near you

If the magic of the moon vanishes
Because good-byes are visited again
If we can follow our feelings right now
I want to join hands with you and dance

Inside of the light, the place we should return to,
Because I'll meet you again somewhere.

Just kidding, this song was actually by Gackt who dedicated to his close friend Kami who died of subarachnoid hemorrhage. It is a nice song with a sad and beautiful meaning to its lyrics.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Not So Interesting Life as of 21/06/09

Working life is really draining a lot of my energy away. I got less time to play basketball and go to the gym as regularly as last time. Other than that, it took away a significant amount of my focus away from my other self-interest's venture that I'm getting into. Luckily I still have the time to hang out with friends. My friends are my best source of fun and with them around, I get the strength to pass through tough times.

You know, quite often at work, some of my colleagues would call my name just to see my blurry expression on my face. Like this ---> d-_-b. And then some would just laugh for no reason looking at my blurry face. Why? Is my face that funny? Dudes and Dudesses, I can't help it. My face is always like that and it will always be the same no matter what. Nvmla, as long as you all are happy =)

Sometimes the day would get so tiring and mind-numbing that I just wanna pause everything, be somewhere peaceful alone, and chill for a bit. I need a cold beer, some nice foods, listen to some relaxing music, and maybe a smoke (optional) nya~. In my youth life, I wanna work hard and play hard...living the dream life that I always dream of. I just hope that I have enough endurance lol. Sadly, time is limited. Time is not enough. Therefore I'm just gonna get as much as possible from it.

Me. Chilling. I hope.

One day I was hanging around Bintang Plaza and then I found these! Finally I got some Skittles! Oh~ Skittles I Love You! But I would still eat you! Ngam~

I have been waiting for this for a long time T^T

Wang Gek was playing around with the Rubik's cube a couple of months ago that I was motivated to do so too. I bought myself a small Rubik's cube key ring instead of a standard one. Why? Because I think it looks more cute =P

Still in good condition.

I actually wanted to start playing it once I get it, just that I was not willing to rip off the package in order to get my hands on it. I'm getting this otaku collector's kind of behavior you know ever since watching Japanorama. For them the highest value of an item is at its original state with the cover package still left unopened. In some cases the packages itself are more valuable than the items inside. So I'm keeping it that way for now until I get another one gargh~ It has been in display for more than a month already haha.

Today is 21/06/09, later in the morning I’m gonna have to do a bit of OT at work on my OFF DAY to settle the June Birthday Draw event. The place is going to go crazy. There will be over 500 people on the 3rd Level! Walao eh.

Work, work, we still gotta work.

My kitty kat collections. You introduced them to me at first.

P.S. Yesterday I did my first press release, you might find my faces in the newspapers today. From there you will see how blur and tired I looked I think lol.

P.P.S. Happy Father’s Day to all PaPas and DaDas.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Seriously, I hate this dog statue. It doesn’t know how to bark. No way can it play fetch. Worst of all it doesn’t even have real furs for me to pat. All the dog knows is to just stand there, takes up the space of the living room and waiting to be cleaned off of the dust everyday.

If one is bad enough, how about another one?

I have no idea what was so appealing about this dog statue that my dad made the decision to buy it. It shouldn’t be because of the puppy eyes right? Impulsive buying I guess.

Or just to use it to scare off the thefts in case they break into the house (I hope not, it’s useless).

I’m selling them (without the consent from the Dad and Mom but who cares!). This dog statue will go to the highest bidder. Quick! Bid now! Price starting at 50 bucks. They are men's best friend for cheap price and low on the maintenance. Gargh~ my life is so sad lol.

I had a pet dog but she ran away from home more than two months ago. I still see her around the neighborhood but she doesn’t seem to recognize me anymore. Oh well at least she got her freedom.

The dog figurines gave me the idea for this design. Had this done a few months ago. Should have post it up sooner but due to some complications, I couldn't haha. Introducing Fro-Dogg!

P.S. Does the name Frodo Baggins ring any bell? =P

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Big Friends Gathering

It's been a long time since we had such a big gathering though a lot more people didn't manage to come. We were all schoolmates and good thing is that we don't really lose contact though we're not gonna be able to see each other so soon again since most people would start working. Kinda sad but it's okay cause' I know one day there will be another bigger and better gathering.

It was the night where I ate two plates of fried kuey tiaw, one salad fish rice and a serving of salad tofu at Pong's Cafe. I wish that I had a stomach as big as the universe but no. Please do finish your foods especially when you are eating in front of me in order to take care of my diet. Just kidding lol. Aiseh man. Failed DIET PLAN NO. 302.

Next we went to Miri Taman Awam.

Ghost of Miri Taman Awam.

Two of my favorite posers of all time. Combination of JoJo and RayG is the best I tell you.

Checking whether the DSLR is still working after the 'splatter'. Damn cock I know! XD

Time for group pictures.

There's one question which I raised up during the outing. I asked, 'Who do you guys think will be the one to get married first?'. Considering our average age of 23 years old among us, that would be like a few more years more especially for the girls who's getting married considering if they mind about the 'pass-30-years-old' thing lol. Honestly I couldn't point out the person who will marry first but I do know one thing though, if everyone of us there getting married, we would get to attend more than 10 wedding dinners presumably hahaha.

Lastly, some of us decided to hang out at Alan's place for a bit.







Anyway, after that a couple of days later I had another steamboat gathering which destroyed my DIET PLAN NO. 303.

No worries though. DIET PLAN NO. 304 is on the way!