Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Not So Interesting Life as of 21/06/09

Working life is really draining a lot of my energy away. I got less time to play basketball and go to the gym as regularly as last time. Other than that, it took away a significant amount of my focus away from my other self-interest's venture that I'm getting into. Luckily I still have the time to hang out with friends. My friends are my best source of fun and with them around, I get the strength to pass through tough times.

You know, quite often at work, some of my colleagues would call my name just to see my blurry expression on my face. Like this ---> d-_-b. And then some would just laugh for no reason looking at my blurry face. Why? Is my face that funny? Dudes and Dudesses, I can't help it. My face is always like that and it will always be the same no matter what. Nvmla, as long as you all are happy =)

Sometimes the day would get so tiring and mind-numbing that I just wanna pause everything, be somewhere peaceful alone, and chill for a bit. I need a cold beer, some nice foods, listen to some relaxing music, and maybe a smoke (optional) nya~. In my youth life, I wanna work hard and play the dream life that I always dream of. I just hope that I have enough endurance lol. Sadly, time is limited. Time is not enough. Therefore I'm just gonna get as much as possible from it.

Me. Chilling. I hope.

One day I was hanging around Bintang Plaza and then I found these! Finally I got some Skittles! Oh~ Skittles I Love You! But I would still eat you! Ngam~

I have been waiting for this for a long time T^T

Wang Gek was playing around with the Rubik's cube a couple of months ago that I was motivated to do so too. I bought myself a small Rubik's cube key ring instead of a standard one. Why? Because I think it looks more cute =P

Still in good condition.

I actually wanted to start playing it once I get it, just that I was not willing to rip off the package in order to get my hands on it. I'm getting this otaku collector's kind of behavior you know ever since watching Japanorama. For them the highest value of an item is at its original state with the cover package still left unopened. In some cases the packages itself are more valuable than the items inside. So I'm keeping it that way for now until I get another one gargh~ It has been in display for more than a month already haha.

Today is 21/06/09, later in the morning I’m gonna have to do a bit of OT at work on my OFF DAY to settle the June Birthday Draw event. The place is going to go crazy. There will be over 500 people on the 3rd Level! Walao eh.

Work, work, we still gotta work.

My kitty kat collections. You introduced them to me at first.

P.S. Yesterday I did my first press release, you might find my faces in the newspapers today. From there you will see how blur and tired I looked I think lol.

P.P.S. Happy Father’s Day to all PaPas and DaDas.


wanggek said...

i wanted to buy that key chain rubik cube, but then it doesnt seems to worth the price.. hhaa..waiting for it to be 50% first.. hhaa
eh am i the winner for the birthday lucky draw one??

Franch said...

50%? I'm not so sure o. Seems like the key chain ones are high in demand. Last time i went to Toys r' Us only left one or two lol.

No ba, there are two types of lucky draws actually. Got the 'As You Wish' which you didn't won (too bad) and the 'June's Birthday Lucky Draw'. The birthday lucky draw actually you have to come one. You just miss the opportunity to get some small gifts and win RM500 worth of vouchers lol.