Monday, June 8, 2009


Seriously, I hate this dog statue. It doesn’t know how to bark. No way can it play fetch. Worst of all it doesn’t even have real furs for me to pat. All the dog knows is to just stand there, takes up the space of the living room and waiting to be cleaned off of the dust everyday.

If one is bad enough, how about another one?

I have no idea what was so appealing about this dog statue that my dad made the decision to buy it. It shouldn’t be because of the puppy eyes right? Impulsive buying I guess.

Or just to use it to scare off the thefts in case they break into the house (I hope not, it’s useless).

I’m selling them (without the consent from the Dad and Mom but who cares!). This dog statue will go to the highest bidder. Quick! Bid now! Price starting at 50 bucks. They are men's best friend for cheap price and low on the maintenance. Gargh~ my life is so sad lol.

I had a pet dog but she ran away from home more than two months ago. I still see her around the neighborhood but she doesn’t seem to recognize me anymore. Oh well at least she got her freedom.

The dog figurines gave me the idea for this design. Had this done a few months ago. Should have post it up sooner but due to some complications, I couldn't haha. Introducing Fro-Dogg!

P.S. Does the name Frodo Baggins ring any bell? =P


sirei said...

i want the dog with the afro :D

renaye said...

i seriously prefer a real dog!