Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ATTEMPTED Murder and Suicide of a couple in Senadin

*Update from 23/02/09:
**Sorry for the bad quality pictures.

d-_-b Why do some people like to exaggerate a simple matter and then blow it all up like what? I heard different version of stories about the incident from different people whom received the news and from the same people when I asked again. So I'm kinda embarrassed circulating the news with the incorrect information =P

Most of what I mentioned yesterday were wrong and my prediction was inaccurate as the incident did come out today in the news. Front page lagi! Well I should have known such a serious matter couldn't be covered up. Looking at the picture in the front page already know it's impossible when you see even the reporters and photographers made it into the front page (while taking pictures of the victim being carried away on a stretcher).

Besides that, the (safe to say) former couple is alive. One is in the hospital while the other is being held in jail currently. I heard that the girl was in a critical condition when being brought to the General Hospital because of the huge amount of blood loss from the deep cut in her neck. Fortunately, she is in a stable condition now. Meanwhile the guy is in a crazy mental state from what I heard. He had lost himself from that bloody incident. He only sustained cuts to the neck, chest and arms. One has to wonder if he was under the influence of drugs because the authorities found a few packs of cannabis in the living room of the house during the aftermath.

From the news, the police authority was informed by the public who heard a commotion going on inside the house in the afternoon. Some police personnel rushed to the house and checked out what was going on. However, they couldn't get in because the house was locked from the inside. So they decided get extra help by roping in the personnel from the Fire and Rescue Department. (Well you know they could have use the gun and shoot the lock and kick the door to slam it open but that's only in the movie haha.)

Anyway, the help arrived and they broke the lock and cut the grille of the house. As the authorities rushed inside, they found the guy in the kitchen I think. The guy did not want to surrender and was holding a knife. A scuffle ensued and a policeman was slightly injured at the cheek. At last the guy was able to be subdued and handcuffed away.

You know what's interesting? I don't know that guy personally but I have seen him many times since we studied in the university. I think we played basketball together before (maybe once). He also played football with my another group of friends. From people who know or who had ever associated with him before lets say in group assignments said he's a very defensive person, someone who greatly despise betrayal and (occasional?) drug user. The last time I saw him was during my friend's funeral not long ago (Check it! do_Ob).

This is another side of story as told by my friend which is more believable. Trust me. In the beginning the guy called his mom and said that he doesn't want to live anymore. Upon hearing that, the mom rushed down from Bintulu and informed a relative who stays in Miri to go to the house to check her son. The relative then saw what happened from one of the the house's windows and quickly called the police. The police even brought a psychiatrist from the General Hospital to negotiate with the guy in hope of pursuing him to give up. When it failed, you know what happens next as mentioned above already. The mom cried so bad seeing her son in handcuffs. Imagine how distraught she was.


Stellix said...

first of all, please translate the newspaper cutting... i dont freaking understand!

Franch said...

I would if I could, just that i don't understand too. Sorry for my lack of chinese literacy lololol.

brotherwei said...

SOrry.. My bad.. I was the one who gave him those wrong information. ^^
Im just passing the things i heard from ppl. SOrry ya~~

Franch said...

Actually we're all misunderstood here haha.

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I need my antipsychotic drugs!