Friday, February 13, 2009

One in a Million

A friend once told me before that in this world, there is more than one 'flower'. In my case, it means that she is not the only girl in this world. So even if you couldn’t get that one girl you longed for, don’t worry, there are millions/billions/non-stop production of girls available out there waiting for Mr. Rights. Yes you, I mean you! You are Mr. Right!

In fact, girls should be the ones who have to worry about finding a guy partner. That’s because the number of girls overwhelm guys by 2:1 (That’s what I read from one of the articles in Men’s Health magazine). If this is true then sorry to say that the supply of guys couldn’t match up with the demands from the girls. Some unfortunate ones might stay as singles forever unless they don’t mind having threesome. So girls please stop wasting time and play hard to get.

However, as we know the world is changing. The degree of masculinity around the world is decreasing. Like who knows one day we might get to see a woman becoming the president of America. So who gives a heck even if the woman is still single, she is doing just fine and happy being by herself! (Girl Power indeed.)

Anyway, I took my friend's words to my heart and remember it until today. But honestly, I could not agree totally with that statement. I mean like, when you are in love with someone, your heart will tells you that she’s the one…as in the only ONE. You couldn’t imagine yourself being with other people. She is the only one you want. She is the only flower in the world for you.

At least that is what you would think and feel when everything is good. Then when shit happens, you are 'snapped' back into reality lol.

Sure there are many ‘flowers’ out there but every one of them is different. People come in different shapes, sizes and personalities. There’s gotta be somebody for somebody. So I say we would never find out until we went through enough. Life/Love is a lesson; you learn it when you do.

I have had this idea for quite some time already. I like to translate my feelings and thoughts into art. Here’s what I came up with using Adobe Photoshop CS2. The hard part of the process was drawing the flower using the mouse. It did not turn out to be what I had imagined. Good thing it is better than what I had in mind =)

“You are not the only flower in this world,

But you are definitely one in a million,

The only one who captivated my heart.”

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