Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cars from the accident

Just came back from my friend’s funeral yesterday and life resumed back as usual.

I’m back doing usual things like going to the gym, playing basketball, sleep until noon, lepak at the mall, surfing the net, spending time at the cyber café playing games, lim teh (all like what a typical slacker does d-_-b) and paying the traffic ticket…er...I mean accompanying my friend to the police station to pay the penalty for the ticket.

So when we reached the police traffic’s department at its HQ, parked the car, got out from the car and look what we found at the car yard. It’s our friend’s car from the accident. The car is in a terrible condition. I’ll let the pictures to describe:

Impact from hitting the tree.

A closer look.

The driver's seat.

The passengers' seats.

The left back side which collided with another car before crashing into the tree.

The other car involved.

It is a pain in the heart looking at these pictures. After paying the fine, we went on with our life...

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