Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Trip to Paong, Ulu Baram (Part 5)


A helicopter came today!

Me and my colleague were thinking about riding on the helicopter and go home in time to celebrate Christmas lol.


It's the day before Christmas and I realized that we were unable to go back home. Still left many things to do here. Not much mood too do work today so I went out to explore some more areas in the camp.

Another cool looking bug.

The cute cat at the canteen.

Pretty butterfly.

SIB Church.

RC Church.

I witnessed volleyball match between the pondans and the machos. This place is full of pondans.

The Mosque.

The river from the top.

Then I went down further the rivers flows here.

And then there.


Today is just like any other day. Sometimes I lost my sense of time here as everyday is just the same work, work and work. It's Christmas but me and my colleagues were still working at office. Nobody else was at the office besides us. We were determined to do as fast as possible so that we can go back home asap.

What I did was just messaged my friends and wish them a Merry Christmas and playing with my DS at night time. It's just another day...

Oh yeah, during the night while I was watching TV, a lizard fell down from the roof and landed on my head. WTF indeed.


I was totally serious today at the office. Just work and work and work. We have decided to go back before new year! No way we gonna miss that!

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