Monday, January 4, 2010

My Trip to Paong, Ulu Baram (Part 2)


This day was an interesting day. I got the opportunity to visit the blocks where the trees plantation were being carried out. The paths in the blocks were real rough. There were some places which were slippery and some very steep. My neck and back became sore again during the journey.

One of the scenery. I guess this is how it looks like after all the trees are felled before the planting takes place.

One of the shacks where the workers stay in. Pretty bad.

Our next time at one of the workers' crib. Now this is where it gets interesting.

Check out what we found here. It's the workers' pet! Wild baby boar. Looks cute ei.

Haha this is how they feed the baby boar with the baby bottle. I wonder how they got it. Either they kidnap it from the mom or the baby boars lost its way in the forest until the workers found and adopted them.

Damn cute. But you know when they get big, they would be like monsters. They become like vicious carnivores. Anyway, I think when they grow bigger, they gonna become foods.

The yellow shirt guy is my superior and the cap guy (assistant manager of the camp) sitting on the bench was our driver for that day.

From another viewpoint. That's our ride. Not comfortable.

Ah~ Finally after a day's work. I went back to the guesthouse excited to meet my bed until I found this cicak shit on it. The shit size was bigger than the ones I normally see at my own home. The cicak is also like giant over there. Damn it!

This is my roommate Damien. He's new to the job and has yet to feel any suffering from the job. Still high spirited haha but he will soon. Feel kinda sorry for him but everyone has to experience it keke.


I felt kinda miserable waking up. I'm still not used to life here. Electricity off at 10pm when I usually would sleep at 1am-2am normally at home but at least I got enough rest here and the air is clean. But the worst part is the mosquito. The mosquitos here is a killer! It leaves u marks like bruises which take a long time to heal and it's damn itchy.

This is the canteen where I always had my meals.

It did not really feels like home cook to me :P

The open area.

This is the VIP room for the VIPs.

Inside of the VIP room. Feel more roomy and clean. Got personal handwash sink, magazines rack and air-con.

The pretty view at the Nursery.

Another nice view behind the office building.

Tonight was another difficult night to sleep. I couldn't sleep before 10pm as I was not used to it. It didn't help either when we open one of the windows to let some air in. One bee actually flew into the room through the window. That night I slept in fear and hope it stings my roommate instead of me. I could hear the buzzing sound of the bee but could not see anything in the dark. Bzzz...bzzz...bzzz...

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