Friday, January 8, 2010

My Trip to Paong, Ulu Baram (Part 3)


Sometimes I just can't stand the foods and drinks here but there's not much I can do because there's nothing else to eat or drink.

We ate this fried noodle (Mi Sedap) everyday since day one until the last day for breakfast. Can you stand it?? See that piece of plastic next to my drink. I found that IN my drink (other than the floating ants on top of it).

There are times when I looked at this helipad I hoped that a helicopter would come and bring me away.

The workplace (Sad place).

Wa! this is what I really hate (Very sad place).

I enjoyed this night as I was watching Benchwarmers. That movie rocks. Damn cock funny lol.


The stresses were piling higher and higher from the job especially for the new industrial training colleague. I understood his pain because I was like him in the beginning too. Sometimes I just can't bear to watch him when dealing with some of the difficulties as it would only reminds me of what I had been through. Terrible, but it's going to be a rewarding experience for him once he is through with it just like what it was for me.

He said something funny and it went like this, 'I would rather walk back home than doing this job!'. In case you don't know, between Miri and Paong, it's 200+km! ROFL. Imagine how long it would take. But yeah, sometimes I did get that kind of feeling also.

In order to release some tension, I went out to explore the surroundings for a bit.

The baby trees.

From another angle.

One type tree species. Still young.

Alright back to work. Gargh.

One thing I like at the canteen was the BM celebrity magazines. Good read.

This 'Manga' has become one of my favorite read. It's nice I tell ya. It's good to get to know what is happening in the Malaysia's celebrity scenes sometimes.

Fun with the DSi. This is how I actually feel according to the camera by that day but I did not actually look that bad.

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