Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How deep can you get sucked into a video game?

Okay, regarding the previous post about the game Love Plus, here's a breaking news...MAN MARRIES A VIDEOGAME CHARACTER FROM LOVE PLUS!!!

Source from Yahoo!:

I now pronounce you husband and what?!

In another sign that the world is about to collapse, multiple blogs are reporting that a fan of the Nintendo DS dating sim Love Plus (you know, the really creepy one) liked his virtual lady so much that he decided to marry her. For real.

Apparently, a Japanese gamer known as 'Sal9000' was officially wed to Nene Anegasaki, one of the game's three virtual girlfriends, in what must have been the weirdest ceremony in the history of ceremonies. We can only assume that Ms. Pac-Man was the maid of honor.

While the two aren't planning a honeymoon -- after all, one of them is a VIDEO GAME -- they did hold a small 'reception' in Japan for friends, family and the media, indicating that this is most likely little more than the looniest video game publicity stunt we've seen in some time. Check out this video recap by Boing Boing, complete with footage of the happy, er, couple:

I just hope they signed a pre-nup...

This is known as the first ever marriage between man and videogame character.

That's wack!

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