Sunday, March 21, 2010

Super Bling Bling Playa’s Head

Marquis Daniels Bling

Guess what, Marquis Daniels’ head is fully coated with diamonds. Not the actual head but the amazingly realistic replica of his head! IMO this thing is like one of the coolest accessories I have ever seen. Like nothing I have seen before. It’s like the coolest identity stuff for the wearer haha. I must say the replica head kinda looks better than his actual head lol.


I do not know why but the diamond chain reminds me of his highness the Moonwalker Robot:


This was created by a 3-D laser imaging process, over 1300 grams of 14k gold, white and cognac diamonds and life-like porcelain eyes, similar to those used in the Madame Tussauds’ wax museum figures. Jason of Beverly Hills’ the one who created this super piece. They say JBH is the new Jacob the Jeweller.

Must have cost Marquis an arm and leg but it would be alright as long as he still has a career in the NBA. This will guarantee to provide him the ultimate swag!

SO dope!

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