Saturday, October 10, 2009

Performed Non-surgical Facelift Exchange

I got these made a long long time ago while experimenting with the face-lift exchange technique. So I thought of posting it up to share with you all. I had fun with it. It's humorous and you know what, I look pretty decent as a girl lololol. WTF.

The images below might be disturbing or arousing to viewers depending on their preferences. You may never look at me the same way again. TFK not allowed.

Car road show babes Face challenge. Who you with??
This is an old one. Just to refresh your memory.

Philippine babes promoters Face challenge. I think the girl's face on the right side looks very plastic. Either she had too many face gloss (got such thing?) on or excessive surgery.

Korean Hot Kim Chi Models Face-off. Say what? Say what?
Let me hear you say Ooo~! Ooop~!

I got another better version ones coming soon! =D


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sirei said...

gasp! O___O

Franch said...

Indeed lol

MrJojoSoon said...


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