Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Week (almost) in My Working Life

I've been doing my new job for about a week now. I kinda like the environment. Like I said, I finally got my own space, my own chair, my own desk, a calender and plenty of parking spaces. I can even off on weekends now! The people there are helpful and professional. Best of all I don't have to work like a lowly-paid slave anymore to do crappy works like carrying heavy things back and forth which contributed to the recurrence of my back pain and wrist injury. Not to say the current job is perfect, but at least it's a lot better than the previous one.

a) Spent my tea break observing the Koi fishes at the pond. I gave names for each of the fishes. There's Big White, Side Surf, Giganthor, Chrystal, Litchi, Jumble, Raven, Corona, Jack, Flat Floor, Orange Peel...

b) Each fish has its own traits just like homo sapiens. I wonder what are they thinking?

c) Ah Oh, I've got an idea. Why don't somebody go and invent a keychain or something that would let out a sound of baby cry when ya drop it or separated within a distance of 2 meters. Like that, my wallet or handphone wouldn't get lost again.

d) It's becoming 'tee-di-us'.

e) I am carrying out introspection on meeself.

a) Numbers, numbers, I have never seen so many numbers in any one day of my life! But I am happy that I have finally been given something to do.

b) You should check out the Korean Restaurant at Park Everly Hotel. Nice food but not cheap but worth it. I had the Bim-bi-Bap for lunch. Yes, outrageously weird, for LUNCH. Btw, the chef is a local who acquired his cooking skills from Korea. Who wanna go wit me next time?

c) Mmmm...'air longkang' from India goodness. Drink that and get rid of your 'heatiness'. ZaikaChalaChaka!

a) I saw a dude who looks a lot like Jon Gosselin from the American reality TV show Jon & Kate Plus 8. He is Asian Malaysian.

b) Black coffee (Kopi Kosong) is probably the next best thing at work after the hand drying machine. I have never experience the kind of amazing effect that the coffee could give me. Keeps me awake for a long time if not...

a) Sometimes the only fun thing to do in the office is to read the dictionary and look for funny words like 'libidinous'.

b) Today my eyelids are especially heavy. Difficulties in keeping the eyes from being shut.

c) Oxford's entry of the day: St Swithin's Day - 15th July; according to tradition, if it rains on this day, it will rain for the next 40 days. Noted.

d) Kopi Kosong, I NEED you desperately!

e) Yes, finally I am able to solve the Rubik's cube...after 4 days of trying.

That's all =P

**Update: Just came back from AhBu's Massage Therapy for my ailing back and wrist. The pain was hellish. At one point I screamed 'F***' and the whole world heard me. The experience was like being canned, penetrated by thousands of needles and having your flesh stripped off from your bones. This went on for like an hour! But it's all good, I feel good now. Finally I don't really feel like an old man anymore hehe.

This morning I had difficulty waking up because of my back pain. Damn pain. It's an old injury. I exaggerated it from last night after-midnight basketball activity. It's an injury everybody is scared of. If I did not get it treated, I may have to carry it to my grave! do.Ob

Anybody who has any joint pains, sprained limbs or what, you should look for this guy. This guy is amazing. He'll make you feel the pain of hell at first but alas your injuries would be cured almost instantly. Definitely ichiban! But he talks cock a lot, funny dude lol.

Regular customers may get 50% discount like me. That did not sound right right? That means I get injured quite frequently huh. Good for his business but not good for me health sad face. I should really take care of myself now.

Check out the bruises on my left arm. This is what I got after the massage. This is from my wrist injury. You haven't seen my back yet.

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