Monday, May 11, 2009

Doodle on the Dinding

I've been sleeping in the same room for the past. My bedroom. It is dull and messy but it has two of things that are most important to me at home which are the bed and the computer. Yeah, you can say those two are all I need haha. However I think it's time for a makeover especially the walls. I'm thinking of repainting it but I guess I'll leave it for some other time after planning.

I don't really like sleeping with an empty head. Usually I would lay on the bed and read comic books before I doze off. But sometimes you get so tired that you don't have the mood to read anything so your head becomes empty and soon you'll start thinking about stuffs that you don't wanna think about lol.

So, I thought about doing graffiti of my favorite characters and brands on the walls which will include Gloomy, Devilrobots, Tofu, Touma, Bape, Astroboy, Murakami, Tokidoki, Pete Fowler and others. Them are all inspiration to me to embrace my creative side. This will act as reminder to myself to fight for my real life dreams.

The first day I started of full of motivation. I expected my mom to nag about it and damn I was right about. My mom is the master of our home. She likes everything clean. Once she saw the sketches on one side of my wall, I got one heck of a scolding. Not to mention, that was kinda discouraging to me. Luckily as time goes by, she seems to be cool about it and don't really mind much. But that is always the case with her I know lol.

One side of the wall.

Day 1

Day 20++

Yes I know what you are thinking. You must be wondering why there's so little progress after day one. Well that's because I kinda slack off and as mentioned just now my mom demotivated me lol. Anyway, I got my mood back so hopefully we'll see some more progress in the future.

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