Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Interest for Extreme Movies

One of the things that most of you (my friends) don't know is that, I am actually into extreme Asian movies especially by the Japanese. Extreme as in most of the movies are banned from most parts of the world cause' it's too much for some people's taste and the threshold of their stomachs. Usually this kind of movie involves a lot of blood, mutilation, seckx, touches on issues that are taboo, full of suspense, artistic, weird, confusing, plenty of chills and full of shockness.

Why you ask me? I guess you can say every people interpret art in different ways. But that's just one of the reasons. I wanna see what are the results when the directors and producers have no boundaries when it comes to making movies. See what they can come out with. What would happen when you let your thoughts roam free and wild? Some of them are brilliant while some just plain sucks. One thing for sure, majority of them are very controversial for touching into very very sensitive issues testing the limits. You can simply describe them as beautifully sick.

I’ll give you a bad example about how sick some of the movies are. I haven’t watched this myself as people had reviewed the movie with low ratings. There’s one scene in the movie Naked Blood, a victim of a wrongfully conducted experiment poked out one of her own eyeballs with the fork, dipped it in some flour and then fried it. Wala! Bon Apetiti! Tempura eyeball is served. She ate it and it was truly orgasmic for her lol. (I found this movie clip from Youtube before so maybe you can try your luck if you want =P). Actually there are movies much worse than this like the Guinea Pig series, which are arguably the most gruesome films to ever come out from the country of the rising sun. It is said that these series are hard to find as they a rarity due to being banned in many countries.

I don't reveal this side of me much because I know that people gonna think I am sick and unusual for being that interested in gory, violence, snuffy and horror stuff. I remember clearly one time I showed my friends this movie called Ichi the Killer. Not even past 10 minutes, one friend couldn't stand it, got out from the room, another hide under the pillow, then another went, 'Ughh~ OMG, Chai you are sick!' and some suggested "jokingly" not to get near me ever again LOL.

I am no sadistic, but sometimes I do get a lil' bit pleasure from other people's as in when I see a friend falling down from the bicycle, crotch got hit or getting slap from a girl I would LMAO. But hey, I not that bad okay, that's just being playfully mischievous. I am not a Super 'S' like Hama-chan lol.

I am not alone however as there are a lot of fans for this genre. ONLY hardcore fans. I admit that before getting into this kind of movies, I was very scared of watching horror movies (for a guy! if you wanna add). Like when I was a kid, after watching The Exorcist, I had trouble sleeping the next few days. But now, I have overcome this part of fear pretty much. They are nothing compared to the extreme ones I had watched. So it's some kind of a training for me haha.

Memorable Asian Extreme movies watched so far are: Battle Royale, Ichi the Killer, Oldboy, The Bow, Ju-on, The Ring, A Snake of June, Strange Circus, Sympathy for Mr Vengence, A Tale of Two Sisters, Zatoichi, Three Extremes, Casshern, One Missed Call, Wild Zero, Visitor Q, Infection, Dark Water and others which I forgot the name titles. I'm so sad that most stuff in Crunchyroll have been restricted.

** Photos courtesy of Snowblood Apple (One of my favorite websites for extreme movie reviews). Be advised that the imagery in the films can be quite graphic and unsuitable for minors and NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

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