Friday, May 1, 2009

Pigs Are Innocent

300,000 pigs are being slaughtered in Egypt! The Egyption government decreed that all the pigs in the country had to be slaughtered as a precaution against the spread swine flu; despite the fact that no cases virus have been reported there and it is spread by people, not pigs.

The swine flu virus originated in pigs, and has genes from human, bird and pig viruses. Scientists don't know exactly how it jumped to humans. In the current outbreak, WHO says the virus is being spread from human to human, not from contact with infected pigs.

In an effort to save the pigs, WHO (The World Health Organization) decided to stop using the term "swine flu" to avoid confusion over the danger posted by pigs. Instead of that, the organization will stick with the technical scientific name H1N1 influenza A. The term "swine flu" was misleading consumers and needlessly causing countries to ban pork products and order the slaughter of pigs.

In case you are wondering how come there are pigs in Egypt being a Muslim country, the farmers actually raise the pigs for consumption by the country's Christian minority. Besides that, many of the families that raise pigs in Egypt are members of the country's Christian minority.

Mr Sayed is pissed off.

The farmers depended on the pigs as a source of income but now the government had to take it away from them. The farmers receive no compensation and they even had to pay for the costs of the slaughtering of their pigs.

Oink! Oink! We're innocent!

P.S. Happy Labor Day

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