Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Cello

Oh man, I got totally hooked up with classical music these days. Particularly with the instrument cello. At first impression, sorry to say, I was not able to feel or realize the true beauty of the instrument. From the appearance, it looks too big and bulky for my preference. Then for the sound, I don't know how to describe it but it was just not my kind of taste.

I think I suddenly got this kind of mood when searching for the meanings of glamor and elegance, I found that both the two words have a deep correlation with anything that is classic for example, the Victorian style (at least that is what I think). I am becoming a fan of that style. Then one way and another it leads to classical music for reason I don't know lol. I guess I was looking for some inspirations for my work.

Besides that, one day I was found updates on Robert Downey Jr in Yahoo! about his recent movie venture. He and Jamie Foxx acted in a movie called The Soloist. I've watched the trailers of the movie and reviews from the public. This movie looks good with the storyline aside from the performance of the two main actors. I can't wait to watch it! It's a beautiful and touching movie about the life of Nathaniel Ayers, a music prodigee who is schizophrenic and lives in the street playing the violin and cello. It's also about an unlikely and a moving friendship about the two people who had enriched each others life tremendously. From this movie, my interest towards the cello is starting to build up.

Then when I think back, I remember about one of my favorite artistic horror movies, Strange Circus where the cello is one of the important elements in it. Man I tell you it's creepy and mysterious. It's almost like there's something alive about the cello case. Boy, it was one heck of a surprise at the end of the movie. I know you don't know what am I talking about lol. Ehemm anyway...

I am most impressed when I heard this dude, Mstislav Rostropovich plays the cello. Many including some of his peers had said he's the best cellist of the 20th century. No joke, listening to 'Prelude from Bach's Cello Suite No. 1' played by him sent chills up my spine unlike other cellists. The way he plays the cello is truely beautiful and you can totally feel the kind of message and emotion he expresses through the song.

These days I started listening back to Malice Mizer, a Japanese band which I have a lot of love for. They one of the best visual kei band that ever lived other than X Japan and L'arc-en-Ciel. Everything about them is unique, their clothes, style of music and the way they carry themselves in the music scenes. The band's music and themes were characterized by their strong French and classical influences, later moving away from deliberate French romanticism and incorporating Gothic-Victorian aspects. You guys would probably think I'm weird for favoring this band, but I don't care as I am one of their many fans and the Visual Ks.


Along the street that had always echoed with our footsteps
The whithered trees fading away down the road
Perceived the distance between the steps increase

The small falling leaves passing by my shoulders once more returned to the sky
And then I somehow loved even the violents wind
Gently I was smiling

Your familiar form leaning on the windowsill
Flickers among the hazy sunlight and disappears
A whispered phrase in my crowded memories says
"If only until I awake from this dream..."

Just a while more
I want to fall asleep holding you
Even if only in this time changed by gentle memories
I want to fall asleep with you in my arms
Like we were when we first met

You lean against the windowsill and it rustles
And I hear the softly murmered phrase once more...
Even though I can't see your form like then
At least amidst this dream

Just a while more
I want to fall asleep holding you
Even if only in this time changed by gentle memories
I want to fall asleep with you in my arms
Just like we were
That day we first met

I want to fall asleep holding you
I want to fall asleep with you in my arms

Lol, actually Malice Mizer has nothing to do with cello, I just want you to know about one of my favorite Japanese bands. However, Mana who is one of the co-founder of that band is producing solo vocalist and cellist Kanon Wakeshima. Kanon really look like a doll in a haunting (with her gothic-victorian style) and adorable way. She's very talented and kawaii~!. The first I have ever seen anyone who sings while performing with a cello. She's cool.


Kanon Wakeshima

Check out Kanon Wakeshima's music video, Still Doll. It's a nice song :D


Hi Miss Alice
With your glass eyes
What kind of dream
Can you see?
Are you fascinated with?

My heart tears
And drifts
Stuck in the patched crevices
Are memories

Hi Miss Alice
With that fruitful lips
To whom does love
Is cast away?
Is lamented?

I spin my words
Feverish tongue
Has turned cold
The song to love
Can't be sung either

Still you do not answer

All these experiences and discoveries made my heart to start embracing the cello more and more.

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