Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Hero's Tragedy

I want to feel like a person who walks away a victorious hero.

But even so, I’m like a hero who lost his precious sidekick in the battle.

The sidekick has been crime-fighting alongside with him for many years to keep the city in order.

Losing the sidekick means a big part of him is gone.

The sidekick is more than a sidekick.

A great lost to the city and the man.

How about that for an ending?

Pretty sad because not everybody wins.

It’s inevitable that sometimes sacrifices have to be made in order to gain something.

If not then ‘may the best man win’.

At least the hero can console himself by thinking that the sidekick can now find peace in a better place.

The sidekick’s death will not be a waste.

Life would not be the same anymore yet everyone still has to move on.

In life, you will win and you will lose.

Regardless of the outcome, you just have to eat it up like a man.

From now on, the hero has to be stronger than ever.

Change is the way.

Charge forward.

Keep fighting.


Quote from Batman Begins:

“Alfred: Why do we fall sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.”


Hey yo! Hishashi Buri Da Na! (Long time no see in japanese lol)

Happening of the day: I found that I gained 5 kilos this morning! WTH, and it's only in a week time! It's no wonder though since last night I had dinner THREE times. I ate mom's cooking at home, went to Tanjung stall no. 7 and ate seafoods, drank beers at Al Fresco and lastly went to AOne eating one bowl of noodle. OH SHIT! SCREW ME!

Latest update on the condition of my PC. I've been hanging around at my friends' computer shop these few days to kill time and to 'accompany' my PC haha. Sad news. There's a big chance that the PC couldn't detect my monitor is because the graphic card ate the dust or maybe it has finally reached the end of the road. The technician had tried several methods to determine and to fix the problem but to no avail :(

About this post: Actually I planned to post 'A Hero's Tragedy' up a long time ago like around the beginning of this blog. But I kept it delayed over and over again to make room for other posts. I don't want to post up too many emo posts at one go. Yes, I was feeling emo when I was creating 'A Hero's Tragedy' back then. I'm feeling that this year is not going to be a good year for me. I experienced some big losses...and I miss them. Come back~~!!! gargh~~ sniff sniff sob sob

*The Robin's death illustration I got from Titans Tower's website. All you fans of American comics should check it out.

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