Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just Hi

Hi all, nothing interesting to blog about today except about my life these days.

When I opened the page to my page, the first thought that came to my mind was, "If only my PC is okay... I would have been able to update my blog and work with photoshop as often as I want." Seems like my blog is coming to a stale huh? I hope not. Sad face. As of now, my PC is still in the computer shop. Sigh~ I may have to get a new one. I still visit her from time to time though to see if she is getting any better haha. Ah~ damn I totally miss you PC.

These days I've been away from home a lot. Find as much opportunities that I can to hang out with my friends. Staying at home just gives me the feeling of emptiness. You know the feeling of staring at all four sides of the walls in your room. So blank, so empty. No computer screen for me stare anymore. I don't usually watch TV at home because nothing interesting except for Channel [V] and Fashion TV lol. If there is really no other choice, then I would be tuning in to TV2 on Wednesday every night starting from 10pm. Surprisingly they are showing some nice drama series like Dexter (not from Cartoon Network), The Great Chapparel and the good old 3 Stooges (used to be my favorite when I was a kid) lol.

Aside from that to kill my boredom and emptiness, I started to play Monopoly with my brothers (one game can continue on for three days check that) and drawing some sketches on the walls of my room muahaha. Yes, I got some creative ideas but it would only work out if I am able to convince my mom to let me 'decorate' my room or to let me 'explore' my interest in arts lol. IF.

Alright, yesterday I got a good news. I got a phone call from the company which I am eyeing to get into for employment. I've been waiting for their call for more than two weeks already since I gave the admin staff my resume. As time went by I lost hope and actually planned to try Marriot Hotel which is another option but then most probably I would be working at the check-in counter or as a bellboy lol. If not then maybe Imperial, Boulevard or banks. Last resort would be going somewhere else outside Miri. This economy crisis really biting me hard.

Anyway, the lady on the other end told me to come for an interview today at 2PM. This will be my first job interview ever! I don feel nervous at all thinking about it. Instead I feel 'Oh shiat! What should I do?!' kind of... other than feeling excited. To tackle this problem, I went and looked for some of my more experienced friends to seek their advices. Other than that, I just finished doing my own research about the company and some of the questions that the interviewer might ask during the interview.

You heard me. I JUST finished preparation for the interview not long ago and it's already late in the AM. Dammit I hope I don't look like a zombie tomorrow. I shall chiao now. Good night and Good morning.


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