Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Night when Love Matters

Last night my friends and I went to Cineplex to watch a newly released Singapore movie which was titled as Love Matters.

I love Singaporean movies. One of the reasons is because they always implement elements of currently popular and other long existing social issues into their movies. Some if not most of the things are taboo or sensitive especially for conservative countries like Malaysia and Singapore where the media has to know its limit if not the government will destroy you. Other than that, by watching those movies, you can relate so much with our life.

This time the movie Love Matters is something to do with issues like leaked controversial sex videos being uploaded online, sex being one of the main problems in marriages, men’s number one sex concern (erectile dysfunction)….why so many ‘sex’ words being used here. Oops I should ask myself lol. Okay lah~ basically this movie involves a lot of sex….I mean sex issues mind you.

Despite the comedy, sarcasm and all that, you can learn some important life lessons by watching this movie. I laughed more than 20 times so I recommend that you watch this movie at your nearby cinema except Cineplex Miri or buy the pirated dvd or download it online all you scumbags like me.

At some point during the screening at Cineplex Miri, you may experience something like this (below) and react just like me.

Some of the things that I learned from watching the movie:

  1. Men can only shoot their ‘loads’ 5000 times in their lifetime (So be wise guys).
  2. Women can be as sly as men.
  3. Take note the size of the bra and panty of your spouse. (Do it every year as your wife’s appearance will vary as time goes by lol. No offence to the girls. We guys will also change to become old pervert geezers eventually =P)
  4. You will only realize something is precious to you when you lost it.
  5. Some things that are lost can never be found back.
  6. Death won’t resolve anything but time will.
  7. Revenge only causes more misery.
  8. Giant’s potato salad SUCKS after 8pm (I was eating it while watching the movie).
  9. Love your neighbor (friends, family, and strangers no matter what the skin color and gender are) so that in turn girls will love you LOL.
  10. In the end, ‘Love Will Conquer All’.


Brotherwei said...

LOl~~~ Miri Star CIneplex~ I'm gonna enjoy 3 types of cinema this month. BCC already down. another 2 more which i cant comprehend its name yet. Lol~~~ Lets open one Better than Star Miri Next time~~ YAY~~

AndyViciousCycle said...

Now then Watch?? We watched nong nong ago. Alot nof ppl say izz dumb but I LMAO throughout the entire movie. Esp the fat auntie!

Franch said...

Brotherwei: Dammit Alan I wanna be at Brisbane too! Don't you have fun alone there lol. Yeah~ we gonna open one and crush and destroy Cineplex to dust! D=<

AndyViciousCycle: Yeah, my hometown so sad that we usually only can get our hands on latest movies later than most parts of Malaysia. I LMAO too especially during the gigolo part haha.

SyL_Regina710 said...

the things u learnt from the movie..6/10 is true..but the rest. I'VE NO IDEA!! want to watch but so outdated with movies dy. HAHA! cinema here mahal ba!

Franch said...

Syl: I think I know which are the ones that are untrue for you LOL. Why you sounds like so 'ulu' there? Haha, you can always download ma you pirate lol.

SyL_Regina710 said...

HAHA.. what la. Untrue?? geez.. yesh. very ulu dy since in perth. I can't download la. 5GB per month onli. download what? LOL. this sem so busy lagi. what are you doing now ha? tanam padi? lol

Franch said... one movie then you stop surfing the net for half a month or what lol. Erm, I am meditating now.

Harogenki said...

The 5000 is quite fake i think :)