Friday, March 6, 2009

His and Her <3

"Eventually love will overshadows all differences."

This was created two days ago in response to the movie Love Matters that I watched previously. I was lazy to type a long post so I decided to continue today as an update from the last post. Nothing special, just a stupid, (slightly) perverted and lame idea that came to my mind all of a sudden haha. Please take note that this is not how I really perceive both guys and girls to be yah. It's all done just for fun ;)

Here's a bit of ranting. Foods and drinks sold at the snack counter at Cineplex are unreasonably expensive. So I went to Giant to find and buy some snacks that I could eat later while watching the movie. In the end I bought a pack of Choki Choki and potato salads (buy 1 free 1 after 8pm) for a cheap offer price at RM2.50. But let me tell you now to avoid the potato salads at all cost. It tasted awfully like hell. Not only that, it smelled so bad. Luckily I'm a human. Animals and insects alike will die instantly from any form of contacts with the potato salads (super lame exaggeration). Better not abandon the taste of food for cheap price when you get no satisfaction.

Anyway, after watching the movie, we (four of us Raymond, Wang Gek, Esther including me) decided to go to Raymond's place to hang around for awhile since we don't know where else to go next. Raymond told me that he got Johnnie Walker Swing at home so I decided to try and drink some of it due to my curiosity in order to find out the difference compared to other labels under its name. Well for me it tasted the same (actually all the whiskies tasted almost the same) but the liquor ran smoother down my throat and I felt a burning sensation inside me. Beside the curiosity, I wanted to try and get a bit tipsy and light-headed since I have been having a hard time to fall asleep these days.

There was one moment where my stomach growled so loud (translated simply as: Feed me~!) that Esther could even hear it. When Esther finally finished gathering information for her assignments and sending some emails, she asked if we wanna go eat something. However it was already like 2:15am and just a few minutes after asking that question, she fell asleep on the sofa d-_-b. Since everyone is more tired than hungry, we decided to go home.

At home, I felt like I was more hungry and tired (lol) so I went to kitchen and see if there's anything to eat. I ended up cooking instant noodles (2 packs!!! Screw me for screwing my diet plan!!!). While waiting for the water to boil, I turned on the TV to see if there's anything on. Most of the channels couldn't receive signals due to the rain. The only interesting channel that I can find was Fashion TV which at that time was broadcasting a show called f-LINGERIE (the show starts at 2am every night gentlemen). My sleepy and narrow eyes had turned to become wide and sparkling when watching photoshoots and catwalks of those models clad in sexy lingerie wears. Suddenly I felt more energetic! I wonder why lolololol.

In the end, the alcohol effect in my body eased down. After finishing my late night supper, I felt very full (damn regret...just like always haha). I had trouble sleeping again that night. Slept at 4:30am.



Johnny Ong said...

hahaha, u used whisky to make u sleepy? very expensive way of doin so

Franch said...

well, I don't mind at all because the whisky is not mine anyway lol. oops, hope my friend not reading this. Just kidding aight if you do haha >.<

Harogenki said...

Ah, I stopped watching films on cinemas when they charged SGD$8.50 per tix. That i haven talk about the food, it cost almost 7 dollars for a drink and some chips.

Starting to get expensive for some simple indulgence.

Franch said...

Woah~ It's understandable.
Well I haven't told you about wall-climbing rats in the cinema lol.

Yee Lin said...

Which part of Swwak are you from?

Franch said...

I'm from Miri, the land which has two big holes and giant seahorses :D