Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Under Construction

Sorry. I said that I would update my blog with something new either yesterday or today. Unfortunately when I got home last night and turned on my computer, to my horror, shit like this happened. Instead of a nice scenary wallpaper on my desktop screen, I got this:

Your system has been infected by spywares.
Documents may be manipulated and controlled by a "third person".

Wtf. I was damn mad and had no idea on what to do. It was lagging like heck besides the annoying hoax pop-up 'anti-virus scanner' web sites. The only thing I did was to backup my important files as much as I can and pulled out the LAN cable in order to prevent further damage.

As of now, I'm blogging from my friend's computer at the computer shop.

Until my computer is fixed, please entertain yourself while you are here with this video >.<

Awwww~ So freakin' cute rite?! Ultra kawaii!!!!!!!!! =3

It's a Scottish Fold which is my favorite cat breed. I hope to get one when I can afford it in the future hehe. Taking care of them would be like taking care children I think. I would treat it like one of my children for sure haha. Love them to death.

Gomenasai! m(_ _)m

Stay tune yo as I'll be right back on track. I promise that I would post something kickasstic worthy soon lol.

Thank you and XOXO

*Besides the problem with my computer, I've been staying at my friends' place for a couple of days during the weekend so no time to blog lol.
**Update 11/03/09: Got my computer back but somehow the system unit won't recognize my eff-ing monitor! WTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTF
***Seriously you all should be careful when surfing the net even around sites that you think are safe. Malicious users like malware authors have been working very hard to find all sort of ways to attack innocent netizens. This is a recent tech article which I read from Yahoo! a few days ago. In case you missed it, here you go. Koobface, Other Worms Target Facebook Friends.


Johnny Ong said...

kesian to see u kena that msg ... i kena like that and whole harddisk disappeared b4 my very eyes

Franch said...

woah~ that's serious. hope you had a backup back then haha. As long as the important files are still there then it's all good for me hehe.