Saturday, March 21, 2009

My friend Dr Mario

I had this very very weird dream. It's a really sad dream. It felt so real and too much for me. I couldn't take it any longer so I woke up feeling quite shocked this morning as in a couple of hours ago.

It's so otherworldly kind of experience. I got to record this down before I forget. No shit, I'm not kidding and not ghey.

Let me begin.

The beginning part that I remember started like this. I was driving my mom back from shopping using a manual car for some reason. Which is strange for me because I'm a noob in driving manually. Heck, I would give a bunch of lame excuses not to drive manual car. Nevertheless I felt nervous and insecure while driving back home especially during the journey on the very steep hill. For some strange reason I thought that this would be one of the last things that I would do before I die....that is to properly drive a manual car and bring my mom for shopping (which is something regrettably, I seldom do). However as time goes by I gained more confidence and handling the car became like cake for me.

When I reached the destination, I realized that it was not my house. We actually arrived at the hospital. I was then escorted to my ward and ended up on a bed. From the bed I saw some serious conversation between mom and some people. I presumed they were nurses and doctors based on the white coats and uniforms they wore. I heard things like, 'He's still got a week to live'. I started to wonder whether they were talking about me.

Among the professional look-alike people, there was one man who stood out. He's plain-clothed, looked like 50-something and didn't seem to have any business standing there. He looked at me and smiled. He got a mesmerizing glow and I felt a relaxing warmth coming from him. I thought that he resembled somebody a lot. He looked a lot like a real life version of Mario, the legendary game character.

After those people left the room, another group of people came in. They were friends of mine coming to visit me. Everybody had a sad face. I received a card from them which had a message inside. Maybe it was a
Get Well Soon kind of card. I couldn't remember what the message was again but it's a short one and the handwriting looked like it belong to a child. Upon seeing that, someone special and important came into my mind. Strange. I got this desperate feeling that I wanted to see her again for the last time before I'm gone from this world.

Soon, a nurse came in with a wheelchair. I rose up from the bed and went to sit on it. I was then brought to a room. There I met the plain-clothed person again. The nurse said that he wanted to meet me. The guy then welcomed me and asked for me to sit on a chair which he presented in front of him. He seemed very friendly. I sat down on the chair and then he dressed me up from the neck below with the hairdressing gown. At this point I knew I'm getting a hair cut I wonder why. He then took out some hairdressing tools and began cutting my hair.

We chatted with each other and soon I knew that this person can be a very good friend to me. I started calling him Dr. Mario instead of finding out his real name. I really felt at peace and had a lot of fun talking to him. At one point while cutting hair on the back of my head, I was asked to bend my head down. He then pointed his finger and directed me to look that way to my right. At the lowest part of the wall just right beside me there was a hole. I looked into it and saw a very weird snail. It so weird and special in an alien kind of way. The snail could shift the shape of its soft body (called mollusks) in indescribable ways and the shell looked kinda funky cool. Dr. Mario told me the snail is called Dr. Wario and it is a long time friend of the hospital.

Having finished cutting my hair, I then thanked him. I looked at the mirror and thought what a stupid haircut he gave me LOL. I thought he was a barber working for the hospital. However, soon I heard door knocks and a doctor came into the room. After the doctor, there were many people who followed in. They were all staffs of the hospital, doctors and nurses. I wondered why. Then the doctor who first came in looked at Dr. Mario and said, 'Dr. Johnny Ong. It's time.' From that I knew his real name was Johnny Ong.

'Time for what?', I asked. Dr. Mario told me that his time has come and today will be the last one for him. He revealed to me that he was dying from cancer. I started to cry and went to hugged him. I was then held back and restrained by a few people as I struggled to try and break free. The doctor showed Dr. Mario some documents which he has to sign. He was the director of the hospital.

I looked around and saw the sollem faces on everybody in the room but for some reason I felt that the staffs were actually glad that he will be gone. WTH. Sigh I thought maybe previously he was mean to everyone here but now that he had changed during the last moments of his life people should show some respect. The doctor asked him to sign this and that which I found out was to permit leaves for the staffs. I don't whether it was an insult or as a tribute for him to carry out his duty for the last time. Finally, on his way out of the door he turned back, looked at me and bid farewell. That was the last time I saw him.

Soon after I found out I have cancer. The hospital that I stayed in was for patients with cancer. I knew that my time is running up. One day I was given free time to do whatever I want. The first thing I did was rush to the cemetery. Once I reached there, I met an old lady who was sweeping the ground of dried leafs. She told me that I just missed the burial for Dr. Mario. I broke down and cried.

I went home, sat in front of the computer and reminiscesed about the life that I lived. I thought about Dr. Mario. The moment before he died, he did not show any sadness or regret. He knew this day would come. Everyone will die eventually. It is just the matter of how you want your life to end. I bet the last thing he did was to do some good like giving a haircut and making friends.

Knowing that my life would end soon, I figured that I should leave this world with grace. I thought about the things I must do before I die. I stepped out from home and off I went to do my thang.

By then I woke up and tears rolled down my cheeks.

In Memory of Dr Mario

you were a good friend in my dream

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